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Hello everybody,

While we work to correct some of the site bugs, I wanted to share with you all a workaround that will allow you to contribute your records to collaborations.

Normally the "+" button in the lower left hand corner of each record would allow you to contribute your records to collaborations.

While it is being repaired, please review the following steps and the example below (which coincides with the image above) with regards to how you can contribute your records to collaborations:

* Upload your record to the site

* Click "REVISE" 

* On the "CITE RESOURCES" bar you will need to PASTE a portion of the Collaboration's text description into the "SEARCH..." box

* Select the Collaboration from the search results and SAVE the revision



     - If I wanted to contribute a RE-RECommendation record to themetafictionist's "12/16 RE-RECommendations" collaboration (here: I would COPY the text description of her collaboration, which is: Please contribute your video, album, audio, image or text record of RE-RECommends for the week of 12/16 here!

     - When I am in the REVISE screen of my RE-RECommendation record, I would paste her collaboration's text description into "Search..." and her collaboration would appear in the results (see above image.)

     - Select the Collaboration and click "SAVE"


Thanks again for everyone's patience as we fix the following issues on the site:

- MC