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"DELETED" Short Film
MatthewMarzo Released Dec 15, 2012

"Deleted" is a short film that I'll be working on right now. It's based on Pamagotchi's record called "Hey... It's me". I made a film of it a while ago, It's called "9 Missed Calls", but I wasn't really content with it and it didn't really make any sense. So I made a Flickering Lights collaboration and I really liked editing some of the clips from Dr. Gory's "Star Crossed Choirs". So I decided to redo the film and make it look like one of those videos you see in Flickering Lights because I thought it was cool, I'm planning to release it Valentines Day but me and my friends are still writing scripts, a plot, and other stuff. 

But we also need help from you guys. We need clips, scripts, a plot, and audio recordings too.. I'll post a collaboration of this when HitRECord fixes all the bugs since I could'nt collaborate anything.

I have a preview of the film that I just uploaded last night. The video is still encoding.

DELETED Short Film Preview:

DELETED Short Film Preview (Extended):

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