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Hello everyone,

There have been a series of site bugs we have identified through community feedback on Get Satisfaction, Support e-mail, and our own use of the site.

We appreciate all of your communication with regards to feedback - it is invaluable in identifying issues quickly and accurately! And thank you for your patience whenever issues arise with site functionality.


The following is a list of the main issues that are currently in the process of being fixed:

* Adding Records to Collaborations

* Adding a confirmation flash when Records are Added to Albums

* Having Albums appear as "Results" in Record Drawers

* Fix "Browse" search issues

* Fix bugs when new users are attempting to Create Accounts

* Fix Record Resourcing bugs

* Allow Resources and Results to open from within the drawer

* Heart and open Record Resources/Results when in your Dashboard

* Fixing Icons (both uploading of new Icons and searching for Icons on the site in the Revise screen)

* Adding Heart visbility to Featured Records on Homepage


As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues by logging them on our feedback site: 

Thanks again for all of your communication and patience! We will update you all as these issues are corrected. 

- MC
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