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Hello there! This rather short idea of music is inspired by JenniferChittenden's RECord "Collecting Stars", which is intensely beautiful. I really enjoyed playing musically with the art, and I love the concept she includes. The STEMS will be provided in the RESULTS section, if anyone wants to journey further with the idea. Then, if we get some animators to do their magic on the visual side, we can produce a wonderful new collaboration!

Okay enjoy now.


FEATURED BY: MattConley (Community Director)
DATE: 12.13.12
I love this little theme. It would be great as a score for a short film. Audio remixers - have at it! joe rud has uploaded the Audio Stems here: 

So let's refine the current production a bit and have other musicians play along to this with more instruments. Plus, this could probably use some vocal harmonies here 'n there too. 

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