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Make your own Monster Mashup! and contribute your monster creations to this collaboration (1073929).

This is a "Monster Mashup" MASTER sheet (1076552). Which contains ALL the parts' sheets together as well as all the RESOURCE numbers are now noted in blue for ease of resourcing the exact parts you use in your monster creations. If a part does not have a number next to it then it was an illustration I did myself specifically for that sheet and all you need to do is resource this MASTER sheet (1076552) or the parts' sheet you are working from.

Thank you for being through in your resourcing, it makes it easier for the hitRECord crew to connect the dots if your monster eventually ends up in an end-product, as well as it gives the parts' artists the heads up to check out a reMIX they inspired.

This Community RULES!!!

[[UPDATE/CORRECTION: the insect parts with the number 78556 next to them is an album number, if you need to cite individually then the legs are 544693 and the wings are 544683.]] Let me know if you find any other issues.

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