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humunkulus Released Dec 10, 2012

I used to do habitat restoration work in the National Park lands in the San Francisco bay area. When I got to work one day, my co-workers and I learned that somebody had let their pet turtle loose in the parks and it had been seen eating the endangered frogs we were trying to protect. It was our mission to keep a look out for the turtle and catch it so we could give it a good home somewhere outside of the parks (not eating our frogs). But with thousands of acres for the turtle to hide, it was just like the old needle in the haystack.

I thought we would have better luck if we sang to the turtle so I started singing this little song. When I got home that evening I told my fiance about it and she helped me write the rest of the song.

Oh, and we never did find the turtle...


Tortuga, tortuga ven aquí

Tortuga, tortuga ven a mí

¿Tortuga, tortuga a dónde fuíste?

Tortuga, tortuga estoy muy triste

Oh turtle, oh turtle please come here

Oh turtle, oh turtle come to me

Oh turtle, oh turtle where have you gone?

Oh turtle, oh turtle I'm very sad

Song info:

Key = D maj.

Chord Chart= D///////////A///////////

Tempo = 176 BPM in 3/4 time

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