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-Tell me private, what happened out there?!

-The whole story, Sir?

-Don't spare the details, son...

-Ok... As I was reaching for the rover I saw the sun, it looked so small and meaningless but still so powerful and comforting. My oxygen was running low and I just saw two of my friends almost die from the past sandstorm, but I couldn't look away from the sun. You see, Sir,  I came from the most scorched place on Earth, I never really liked the sun, it always represented death to me and...

-Son, I guess you can spare some of the details after all...

-Sorry Sir...

-Thats ok, kid.

-Anyways, as I was gazing at the sun a hole in the ground caught my eye. I had to replenish my oxygen a.s.a.p. but I couldn't hold my need to explore, so I went for it. It was tunnel, and between the rocks I could see some light on the other side, I couldn't tell if it was natural or artificial light...

-So what was it?!

-A city, Sir.

-A city?! Like ancient ruins or something?

-No Sir. A city, just like the ones on Earth with people coming back from school, working and just.... living their lives...

-And what did you do, Soldier?!

-Well Sir, I turned around and came back... That's not why I came here.

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