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Hey All,

After pulling an all-nighter, the site is back up and running on an entirely new hosting platform. Known issues to look out for:

  • Some user's Dashboards will be empty until the data migration task has completed

  • There might be some lag in new Dashboard items showing up

  • There might be some lag in the Search and Browse features

  • All of the above are temporary as we adjust to this new platform

Please do not hesitate to send us feedback via GetSatisfaction:

Thank you,


  • Spaceship-1627412
    Thanks for all the hard work! Go get bacon and coffee. Y'all totally deserve it. ;)
    Dec 05, 2012
  • Only_amy-1390428
    Thanks Jordan!
    Dec 05, 2012
  • 557546_2732240159850_1672662598_1628032_74248837_n
    Dec 05, 2012
  • Emma-conner-1434879
    I concur with Jen - get some sleep, you earned it! xx
    Dec 05, 2012
  • Image
    thanks so much for all the work. much appreciated.
    Dec 05, 2012
  • Bw_polkadot
    Thanks! <3
    Dec 05, 2012
  • 10639706_10152304499692816_8004263738925476994_n
    Thanks for the update Jordan! :)
    Dec 05, 2012
  • Tesla
    Thank you! My dash has been acting nutty for over a year. Hopefully this will fix it. Thanks for your hard work!
    Dec 05, 2012
    by JulesKD
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