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The Hunt
Pamagotchi Released Dec 03, 2012


I've been listening to a lot of Bat For Lashes...

Could do with a little bit of a tidy up, se let's call this draft 1!


We are nomads

We are human hearts


Worlds apart

Who’s to say that our better halves

Will ever come back this way?

They have gone for the hunt

It’s our time to run, cos we are not brave men

When the fires burn

I will find you waiting

Run! I will run!

To save you from this wicked game

There’s a price on our heads

So look to the hills run!

Like the animals that we’ve become

The hunt is on, the hunt is on

 Shattered hearts

And shredded feet

Our souls have become obsolete

Hunger comes from every side

Survival is the only prize

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