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I thought I'd try singing along to richiemillenium's O Family Band intro text for the Family Band collaboration. This is totally improvised. Anyone wanna sing/play along? If anyone wants to sing a different version with their own melody, that's cool too.

O Family Band (text by richiemillenium)

Come, all you characters
Come you from the four winds
Family band
O family band
Rascals every one.

Bring what you will
Bring any assortment of things
Set it down among us
Sit here in this bent circle
O family band.

Make limber your ears
Make up some tales to bend our ears
We'll carry on like we believe it all
There'll be lots of carrying on
O family band.

RECord a thing or two while we're at it
RECord the family band experience
Collaborate, inspire, RECord, repeat
That's what made us what we are
O family band.

Where will this go?
Where are our well-defined objectives?
None are listed or delineated
It's all just in the spirit of things
O family band.