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Making a snow effect over the characters (to match the pacing and fluffiness of the snow falling in the footage) was a huge challenge on this one, but I think I pulled it off. What do you think? I also had more time today so I was able to add sound effects and dialogue to further the narrative.

Motion Monsters #11

Monster Constructed from: "IfMyHeartsMelts…" (1059722) by littledot

Background Footage: "Moving Snapshot: it's snowing again (and again)" (9566) by westcoastjen

[ I am making a series of daily "Motion Monsters" for a few days, to grow my After Effects experience and skills. I have a lot of monsters lined up so stay tuned here - ]

[[[ And please consider adding any reMIXes you make with these to the "Motion Monster reMIXes" collab here - ]]]

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