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I heard RP's track "Alone Is All I Know" when I woke up this morning and skipped breakfast to record this over it real quick. I ws at a loss for lyrics so I searched the word "lonely" on the site and turned up "Into Midnight" by smweed and even though they're meant to be lyrics to another song I thought they fit perfectly. REmix!

I've been listening to a lot of Lovedrug, a lot of ghost rock and the track sounded to me like a choir of pissed off dead people rocking out in the netherworld. To suit that image, the chorus is super dissonant and could use LOADS more voices. Hint. Stems are a particular weakness of mine, but I'll try to get them up soon. 

REvised Lyrics from smweed's "Into Midnight":

I don't know where I've come from, but I know where I've been

And I won't ask for redemption but I know that I have sinned

And I am going into midnight to the end of all things.  

(It's all I know, you know I'm going in alone) 

I won't ask you for comfort, I won't ask you for your love

I have stolen all your mercy, baby, I'm the hawk to your dove

And I am going into midnight, from below to above!

(It's all I know, you know I'm going in alone)

I'm a stranger in the darkness, I'm alone among my friends

(I'm a stranger in the darkness)

I can see the road is open but I can't see where it ends

(I can see the road is open)

And I haven't tasted freedom but I've broken all my strings

(And I haven't tasted freedom)

I am going into midnight to the end of all the things

(it's all I know, you know I'm going in alone, all I know)  

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