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Brave Men (song)
ppeppina Released Nov 26, 2012

I was really touched by fdinamite’s amazing tiny story ”Brave Men” (”Face it”, he said. ”We are not brave men”).  It has so much depth in it. To face the fact that you’re not brave, to accept that you’re just a human, that sometimes, like everyone, you’re not the hero… it takes so much strenght. Not many people can do it. Only the bravest have the courage to be afraid, and only the strongest have the strenght to be weak.

Enjoy <3


We could’ve been heros,

Could’ve been kings

We could’ve been those

Who change everything

We could’ve been fighters

Should’ve made plans

But we only knew how to escape

And so we ran

”Face it”, he said. ”We are not brave men”

No, everyone can’t be

Mighty knights

No, everyone can’t

Stand up and shine

We might be weak

We might be small

We know,

We know it all

We might not be fighters

But we can still fight

We might be afraid but

We can still try

Just deal with it

this is what we’ve got

We are still heroes

No matter what

//CHORDS were requested:

Verse: Am F C

Chorus: Am F C G C

(the signature is 5/4 so it might feel tricky!)

(guitarists: I played this with capo on the 5th and with these chords: verse Em C G chorus: Em C G D G!)

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