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I can't REsist REquesting this --

I'd love to see a humorous supercut, progressing as we get more footage/audio in, of the moments (probably just limited to this tour, but who knows) where audience members shouted "I love you!" and similar to Joe, as well as Joe's comebacks, when present. (I'd do it myself but I can't edit. Yet?)

Examples I know of:

    • Guy at Duke shouting "Have my babies" during the Flickering Lights bit, thus ruining the mood (Here -

    • The "I like honesty" / "Make love to me!" / "That's not honesty, that's fantasy" exchange (Cornell?) (Here -

    • Another "have my babies" -type moment with a guy at that same show, to which Joe responded "You see, we can't do that because we're both dudes" (Cornell?)

    • From the Philly show, a girl shouting "I love you!" and Joe responding with "Thanks, but shut the fuck up" (Here -

  • I know there are more.

  • ETA: "Let's make babies!"/ "...Making babies is kind of like making art" (Richmond, via Mofosluv)

P.S. I'm sorry. :)

ETA: I hope these cuts include the comments made by men, because not including them when they did in fact happen paints a selective picture.

ETA, 1/30/13: It's been ages, but if there's still interest, a good tack to take would be making a humorous anti-sexual-harassment video, like, a parody of those human resources videos. Maybe with an anti-objectification message, not unlike the message of Don Jon's Addiction. ha. Nothing too didactic.

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