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Should you find yourself wandering in the forests of the north,

Searching for fairies and goblins and dragons, so forth 

It's imperative you keep your wits to avoid an encounter, 

with the deadly and devious Amanita Muscaria.

A brilliant red hood, just a toadstool some say,

but mark my words friend, you had best stay away.

Just one touch of her hand will have you spinning for hours,

blissfully unaware your mind is now hers to devour.

You will be overcome with euphoria, your consciousness' altered

But alas, this is one of her tricks and now that you've faltered,

she will strike through your veins, her venom constricting your nerves, 

a cunning botanical defence for the purpose it serves.

And then, when she is done and your company she no longer seeks,

she will release you to fall, from your highest of...

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