One day Winifred lost her favorite bow. Then she absent mindedly left the kettle boiling for the whole day. Then she completely forgot to pick up the parsnips her mother needed for that evening's stew.

What a day for poor, sweet Winifred, a daydreamer at heart and in mind.

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  • 24936_351802364381_238998_n
    so cute! ^^
    Feb 03, 2013
  • Sojushots-1461213
    wicked character and story!! your illustration is really awesome! you should contribute winifred to the character collab, she'd feel right at home there :D
    Nov 17, 2012
  • Sojushots-1461213
    FEATURED BY: Soju Shots (Image curator)
    Date: 3/12/12
    COMMENT: You can tell by looking into poor Winifred's eyes that shes not having her best day. A beautifully illustrated character with an awesome little back story. I think there's plenty more stories for this little one.
    Dec 02, 2012
  • Tesla_300
    " I do so love the color red. Yet often enough my mood turns to blue. How advantageous that I would happen upon stockings colored with both."
    Dec 03, 2012
  • Photo_(2)
    This could be part of a great animation, with a great narrator
    Dec 03, 2012
    by Nebula
  • Photo_on_6-5-14_at_11.15_pm__2
    This is screaming to be animated...
    Dec 03, 2012
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