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Twas the night before Philly and all through the town    *
The RECorders were too excited to lay their heads down
Their cameras were charged by the bedside with care
In hopes that RegularJoe and the gang soon would be there
Too early in the evening to be nestled in their beds
Instead, visions of Strawberry Bootlaces danced in their heads
And Kubi in his kerchief and wearing his cap
Had just finished the next episode of "Stupid Fucking Cat"
When out in the streets, music suddenly played,
RECorders flooded the roads, in a camera parade.
To the Merriam Theatre they marched, tapping their feet.  *
Dancing to Electric Loss, filling the streets.
When they got to the theater, they noticed a glow.
But it wasn't the moonlight causing this show.
When what before their wandering eyes should appear,
But a masked man with pointed cat ears.
His companion was regular, from head to toe.
The crowd shouted and cheered to start the show.
Joe looked out at the sea of red buttons forming,
And shouted to all, "Are we RECording?!!"
Now Metaphorist, Now Tori, Now Robo J and Wirrow.
On Metafictionist, On Mirtle, On Soju Shots, Here We Go!
From the front of the orchestra, to the farthest seat.
Now dance away, dance away, dance away to the beat!
Cameras were flashing as the wildness began,
Down and up, and through the aisles, Joe ran.
Up on the screen the Outsiders Myth played,
And with fire and tears, Mademoiselle Noir was slayed.
And then, in a twinkling, I heard the work rap,
Got Iterations, now stuck in my head like a trap.
Some RECorded with cameras, some used Polaroids.
Some used...

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