by tori

Stop Motion & Icon: IrmaVep

Editing: Tori

Music by: TheTenant & TheBoxSets

Key Illustrations: xobreexo23

  • Me
    Wonderful! Loved it and the song.
  • Laura
    Beautiful................luv it!!!!!!
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  • Aj_hrprofile
    This video just blows me away, it's such a testament to the diverse talent on the site and such a great way to incorporate so many great contributions while still feeling so cohesive!

    You've all done such an amazing job and tori & irma, I can only imagine the time it took to bring it all together but you should be very proud <3
    by 12.42
  • Bird
    Simply wonderful. Very nice work.
  • Portrait
    FEATURED BY: MattConley (Community Director)
    DATE: 11.10.12
    The revisions strengthen and add depth to what was already an absolutely beautiful record in V1. Great job and thank you to all the contributors of this collaboration as well as to all of the artists whose records were resourced in this. <3
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    Sooooooooo lovely! I especially loved the dancers :)
  • Photo2
    This is so cool. I would have never thought my simple piece of music would become such an amazing collaboration. Thanks all :)
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