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Tattered Memories
Kalymi Released Nov 05, 2012

"You're kidding! We used to go there every Saturday night!"

"Yeah, us, too!"

"Maybe that's why you looked so familiar to me."

"I was thinking the same thing when I saw you."

"I think you guys played frisbee with us once."

"Hey! Did you drive a big red truck with a white dog in the back...and a bunch of lawn chairs?"

"Yeah. His name was Harold."

"Harold! I remember!"

"And were you the girls who used to sneak your friends in for free in the back of your trunk?"

"Ha ha! Yes! Pay for 2 - Admit 6!"

"Remember the blueberry snow cones?"

"Yes! And the popcorn with extra cheesy butter?"

"Good times! Good times!"

"You know, I drove by it the other day... just for old time's sake..."

"I did the same thing...last July..."

"It looks so sad and...empty now..."

"Yeah. Just a field full of weeds and one big, tattered screen."

Featured by Day Glo (text curator)

As the live shows approach, I'm continuing my search for great contributions to Dialogue Tales that could be used in the live shows in some way.

I really like this one; in contrast to a lot of the others that I have included in my curation, it is neither dramatic nor comedic. Instead, there's a wonderful conversational tone to it; the dialogue doesn't sound like it's being delivered for an audience, but is just about the interaction with characters. Very good.

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