Are we recording? We are an open, collaborative production company. Come work with us!

VIDEO EDITORS! ANIMATORS! Listen with headphones and contribute to create a killer edit to this audio bed!

Help make our On The Road Intro Video a visual feast for the eyes.

Please use the Video Resources below:

 - On The Road Intro Video Collaboration

 - Izzygirl's Road Rythmn - and any further edits of this Record

 - Fall Formal Introduction

 - Any killer Public Domain footage regarding the Road

 - Any and all resources from the RE: THE ROAD Collaboration. 

Voice Over Artists - Great work! Keep the contributions coming in because THIS IS NOT FINAL. The audio will definitely be mixed and refined - adding more audio contributions as we go along - so if this inspires you to record more do it!

This is the basic structure that we are moving forward with so LETS DO THIS!

(public domain link - )

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