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You know that one guy at the office? The one that never seems to leave?

Mine is called Bartleby.

That’s all I know.  Yes, I know that he does something bleak and dull in accounting.  The substance, though, where he’s from, if he’s married, his first name for Christ’s sake, remains a mystery.

Ours is a social office.  Every few weeks we take a long lunch on Friday, go out, and relax.  Whenever the e-mail is sent out, almost immediately we get Bartleby’s reply:

I would prefer not to.

Sometimes people bring in cake or something.  We take a break; let everyone know what’s going on.  Bartleby replies:

I would prefer not to.

Once, Andy tried to bring him a piece.  He never looked up from his screen.  He didn’t seem to realize anyone was there.

I’ve never had reason to talk to him – again, accounting,...

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meperson Released Oct 27, 2012
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