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RE: Flickering Lights
hitRECord Released Oct 26, 2012

CALLING ALL CINEMATOGRAPHERS! Come work w/ us on our new Short Film!

We're going to remix wirrow's record "give me all the flickering lights" into a Short Film that captures all the wonders of life and the magic of existence through light.


You can contribute your records to the "Flickering Lights" collaboration here: 


Here's how YOU can contribute to this collaboration:

CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Let's film as much high-quality footage of flickering light as possible to edit into this Short Film! You could shoot  light that occurs naturally from the stars or the sun, or you could shoot artificial light like city lights or neon signs.


Here are some helpful tips from cinematographer Tarin Anderson on how you can most effectively shoot light:

* You could try shooting in "Full Manual Mode"

* You could try a Frame Rate of 24fps or 30fps

* Your Shutter Speed should generally be equivalent to your Frame Rate (so 24fps = 1/50th Shutter Speed and 30fps = 1/60th Shutter Speed)

* You could try setting your ISO around 100 for bright exteriors or between 1200-1600 for dark interiors or exteriors 

* You could also set your White Balance based on the pre-set options of your camera and where you're shooting

* And of course experiment, try all different kinds of settings, and have fun!


We are also pleased to announce that the good folks at Sony are sending out several Alpha NEX-5R cameras to specific members of our community that we picked because they have demonstarted a commitment over time to Cinematography and Photography. You can check out a gallery of their Image Records here:

Thank you to Sony for recognizing our creative community and providing us with tools to create.  <3


We just announced our Mini-Tour of Live Shows over at so everything we're working on here at hitRECord has the potential to screen at one of our shows, or be included in one of our works of publishing, on a DVD, or maybe on a vinyl record we all make together.

As always, all of the profits of our money-making productions get split with the contributing artists 50/50 on hitRECord.

And, as you may or may not know, we recently announced that Sony has formed a very special partnership with hitRECord and is supporting our community for the rest of the year. They are going to help us get equipment for our upcoming tour, distribute some of our videos far and wide over the Internet, and they'll be helping us pay our contributing artists far more than we've ever been able to before!


Thanks Again!





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