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Punchin' in (lyrics)
CaptClare Released Oct 26, 2012

Punchin' in,

Punchin out

thrown in the ring,

one more bout

Can't fight the man,

gotta earn my keep

but this daily grind

is makin my soul weak.

I'm punchin in,

punchin out

now I'm on the train

same old route

workin nine to five

every week

late again 

and the boss wants to speak

"Come in my office 

and sit on down,

I'm getting sick of this 

clownin around."

"We'll cut your hours 

if you don't comply,

and you know the next step,

we'll be saying goodbye."

So I'm punchin in 

Punchin out

gotta quit this thing

ain't no doubt

But for now I gotta 

tow the line

til my names in lights

and I've hit the big time.