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CaptClare Released Oct 24, 2012

We all have a road

that only we can travel.

Some are marked and sealed,

others dirt and gravel.

Left turns, right turns,

stops and giveways. 

For some its a straight line,

for others a maze.

Some have low dips 

and some have very high rises.

Some take a map,

Some prefer surprises.

Now and then your road

may meet up with another,

running side by side, parallel,

until at a crossroads you'll discover,

That now you have to indicate,

do you want to merge onto the highway?

Or do you want to turn off

and head on down a byway?

Your decisions will ultimately depend

on your experience in driving,

whether that be engine powered

or whether it be cycling.

So to know which way is best for you

before you reach an intersection,

explore every corner, twist and bend,

for this is your road my friend, you get to pick the direction.

Voice overs and/or videos of you reciting this near/on/by a road are requested. The we can cut it into a spoken word video.

Yelling over a noisy, busy road, quietly on a deserted road and other road related scenarios are all more than welcome!