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I kinda had a melody first but the words had another idea and went on a solo mission. I can't seem to find the perfect musical accompaniment for them. Twist the words, add, subtract, and REmix til your little heart's content : )

Oh my comrade and my confidante

You say that you'll be moving on and

I do hope you find every thing you need.

It saddens me it's come to this

and every day you will be missed 

I'm so sorry that you aren't the one for me

I'm sorry you thought otherwise,

this was not my intention

I'm sorry it was a surprise

that this wasn't more than a flirtation

So go on your way my dearest friend

and with you all my love I send 

and although we were not meant to be

I know that you will find it, what you never got from me

But when the going gets too rough

Just stop. and smile, remember us

and come on back anytime you want

I will be your company