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We go about our lives oblivious to what the future may bring.

Like the dinosaurs.

Then one day an asteroid hit.

Or a super volcano erupted.

Or aliens landed.

Or maybe they just all...

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Today marked of celebration of Dilwahlli. It is the Indian culutre that will celebrate in three days. Today is the last day to celebrate. While celebrating this tradition, it has...

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You're about to get REmixed... into a corpse!

Because somebody had to. If someone else already did, sorry, I didn't see it.

by anna nimiti 19 mins ago

Hero with a gun says... "Are you ready to die? Cause your room is book in hell."

by S.O.B.TV 23 mins ago

I love taking quiet walks in the city, just before the dawn arrives.
I like to watch the way the light and shadows change over time.
The city is soft and sleepy, still so full of...

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HERO: Oh yeah? Well, Instagram this.  Hashtag bangyouredeadmotherfucker!

by debit72 30 mins ago

There was a little boy, who believed he could fly

he spread his arms like wings and could feel the touch of sky
he told his parents, but they were too busy to hear,

and slowly the boy...

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As buildings push

away the sky,

look up to draw

it down again.

You always stand

atop the world,

however high

the city looms.

by stephenspower 35 mins ago

Chapter one.

With each surge of empowering heat, each collision of great masses and every loss of organic strength, the need for order grew in one chaotic direction. The need for a...

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This Job Sucks!




Log line: "The West Wing" meets "Meet the Press." Participants on Run the Country step into the president's shoes as they implement their own ideas of...

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by ilanavenice 39 mins ago

Lisbon, like many other old cities in Europe, is organic. Nostalgic. But more than anything, it's a chaotic organism whose capacity to function is, at the end of the day, a beauty...

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by Kuzco 42 mins ago

Hero says with a southern accent, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" Pauses, "Wait. That's not it. Hold on."

Hero scratches head

"Oh! Got it..." hero says in a bad accent, "I'LL...

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by DianeFT 45 mins ago
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