You know how I know 

I'm not a pessimist?

Because I love the rain.

You may see gloom

And soaking misery.

I see the world 

Being washed clean

One drop at a time.

It all adds up,

Collecting in puddles,

To reflect back the sky.

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Sticky hands 

Try to break free

The more you fight

The more delight

For you see

The more tangled

In her web you’ll be

by JenniWo
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I am a Gemini.

Sign of the Zodiac;

Symbol: The Twins.

Duality is part of my nature.

There is a side of me the world sees, 

And a side only I know is there.

Duality is present in all things, I believe.

Good and evil. 

Dark and light.

Yin and yang.

And the only way

To preserve who we are

Is to choose one

Or the other.


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This is a quick draft (not quite script format) of a story for hannahbee’s thoughts on self-fulfilling prophecy.


PATRICK and his sister, RACHEL, are walking along a street fair on their way to have lunch together when Rachel spots a palm reader.

Let's have our palms read.

How can you believe in that stuff? You're a scientist. Wait until we get to the restaurant, and I'll buy a newspaper. You can read our horoscope.

Oh, come on. For fun. And it benefits charity. See? Who knows, there may be romance in your future.

Then I don't need to know about it. It didn't work so well for me last time.

Don't be a spoilsport. I'll go first.

Rachel sits down at the PALM READER's table. The reader tells Rachel that she will be showered with sweetness. When she's done, Rachel stands and pulls her brother over to the chair. He plops down and reluctantly gives the reader his hand. The reader stares at his palm.

You have lost love in your past, but you will find it again soon.

Patrick rolls his eyes at his sister.

A woman in blue awaits you.

Patrick and Rachel thank the palm reader and continue walking toward the restaurant.

I told you.

It's a stock fortune. Half the people who sit down at the table are told the same, I'm sure.

Be careful you don't lose your sense of romance and become a bitter, lonely old man.

Bah, humbug!

At the restaurant, Patrick and Rachel are seated at a table next to a window. Rachel excuses herself to go to the restroom after asking Patrick to order for her. A cute waitress wearing a white dress comes to his table to take the order. It's obvious by her smile and body language that she is attracted to him. He gives her their order completely oblivious. When the waitress leaves, dejected, he stares out the window. His eyes scan the crowd passing by.

PATRICK (voice-over):
A woman in blue. How many suckers fall for that line?

Patrick looks at his palms and traces the lines with his fingers. Rachel surprises him when she comes back to the table. She catches him examining his palms, and he quickly stops.

Having a change of heart? Just because you believe the fortune-teller is fake doesn't mean the fortune is.

Let's just eat.

After lunch, Patrick and Rachel walk through the park. It is spring and the trees have blossomed.

The park is so pretty this time of year. I think I smell magnolia.

Rachel leaves the path to go stand beneath a group of trees heavy with fragrant petals. She looks up into the branches. A breeze causes petals to rain down on her. She inhales deeply, and then opens her eyes wide.

Patrick! It's happening! I'm being showered in sweetness!

Rachel spins in the falling petals. Patrick shakes his head and turns right into the path of a flying Frisbee. A young WOMAN in a red tracksuit jogs over to him. Patrick holds his hand to his forehead with his eyes closed.

I'm so sorry. Are you hurt?

I'll live.

Are you sure? Do you want me to call somebody?

The woman puts her hand on his arm. Patrick pulls away. He opens his eyes to the woman smiling at him seductively.

PATRICK (waving her away):
No, it's okay. My sister is here. She's a doctor. I'll be fine.

Alright. Again, sorry.

The woman takes her Frisbee and jogs back across the lawn. Rachel, who has been occupied by blossoms, walks over to Patrick picking petals out of her hair.

Who was that?

My assailant.

RACHEL (giggling):


So have you changed your mind now that my fortune came true?

You're finding meaning in coincidence. Sweetness could mean a million different things.

Rachel hugs him.

I have to get back. Thanks for lunch. I won't give up on you. You're too young to be this cynical.

Patrick and Rachel walk off in different directions. Patrick gets into his parked car.

PATRICK (voice-over):
Showered in sweetness. What are the odds?

Patrick starts the car and drives toward home. He stops at an intersection. Ahead he catches glimpses of a woman in a vibrant blue dress moving hurriedly towards a department store. He speeds through the intersection, abandons his car by the sidewalk, and rushes after the woman. He follows the blue dress into the store. Inside he loses sight of it for a second, and then catches sight of it again in the middle of a crowd. He rushes over just as a man turns around carrying a mannequin dressed in the blue dress on his back. Patrick smiles sadly as the man and mannequin pass by.

Patrick leaves the store, embarrassed. He walks back to his car with his head down, ashamed to lift his eyes after behaving irrationally. A woman's voice causes him to look up.


Without realizing it, Patrick has reached his car. The car is crashed into a gushing fire hydrant and blocking part of the sidewalk. A female POLICE OFFICER wearing a blue uniform is standing beside his car.

Sir, is this your car?

Patrick nods.

Then you're just the man I've been waiting for.





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She wrote a line across my forearm with her roll on perfume,
Along with her touch the coolness fades,
A string of words no longer visible to any eyes,
Forever scorched across my heart with the fragrance of her love

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I'm not afraid of the dark. I'm afraid of what hides in it.


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For stems' sake, and to add a few notes, here are the lyrics in a separate RECord. Listen to the song here, and let's do this, female singers!!




I used to be, if I say so myself

The envy of all other dollies [maybe "dollies" should be quarter notes instead of eighths?]

Girls came in droves to grab me off the shelf

And put me in their parents' trolleys

I traveled the world; made its leaders my pals

And appeared in a few moving pictures

A beacon of class and a role model to gals

I was the perfect mixture


Soon I was paired up by marketing teams

With the tall, dark, handsome Victor®

He took me places of which I'd but dreamed

No wonder they called him an "action figure" [raspiness on "action" is key!]


Not long after that, people turned and they flocked

To some little trollop named Carlie® [figured I can't say "Barbie" ;) , also eighth notes again?]

They pushed me aside and cast me to the dark

In a chest with the stickers and lollies

Now I gather dust in this secondhand shop

Girls pass by without a clue

And to the first choices all sitting on top:

The second hand's tickin' for you

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-The year is 2077. A dying inventor finishes his greatest creation-a giant mechanical man named Herbert. 

-The old man lives in a bunker with Herbert. He shows Herbert old movies and teaches him about life

-Through Voice Over narration, we discover that war has been waging outside for many years and the old man has retreated to this bunker to finish his research before he dies.

-One day the old man starts coughing. Herbert comes over to him and holds him in his arms. The old inventor dies in his arms saying "you, my son, are the last of us"

-After a few weeks, Herbert ventures out of the bunker.

-The world has become a mountain of rock and ash. There is no sign of life anywhere. 

-Herbert buries the old man just outside of the bunker

-Herbert decides to walk on, unsure of what to do. What can he do?

-A brief montage of shots of Herbert walking fading into one another to show the passage of time

-Cut to Herbert leaning up against a large black stump. Looks like once upon a time it would have been a very great tree

-We hear the sounds of a bird chirping in the distance

-Herbert looks up slowly 

-Cut to Herbert POV-looking out at the wide empty dead remnants of an Earth that was. A small faint shape presents itself, flying towards Herbert

-Slow track shot in on Herbert as he looks up

-The bird flys in and lands on Herberts shoulder

-Herbert is shocked to see this strange creature. He slowly reaches his hand up to his shoulder. 

-The bird walks off his shoulder onto his hand. He pulls his hand down and looks at the bird. 

-The bird looks up at him

-Cut to Herbert walking through the forest with Isle on his shoulder. Similar montage as before to show time passing. 

-The pair comes up to a thicket

-Herbert decides to trudge on through, but Isle tries to stop him

-Herbert puts Isle aside and goes on through

-After struggling to get through, Herbert ends up getting caught up in the vines

-He struggles in the vines and tries to escape. 

-Isle watches his friend struggle and decides to get involved. He flys over and strarts tugging at the vines, trying to untangle Herbert.

-The struggle takes a lot out of Isle. He finally is able to loosen enough of the vines that Herbert is able to break free

-Isle flies away a little bit and then falls down out of the sky.

-This gives Herbert the strength to bust out of the vines. He moves as quickly as his giant body will allow him over to where his friend has fallen

-Isle is on the ground and breathing extremely slowly, his eyes slowing closing. 

-Herbert picks Isle up into his arms and looks down at him.

-We cross cut back and forth between Herbert holding the dying Inventor in his arms and Herbert holding little Isle in his hands. 

-Finally Herbert lays down his little friend on the ground and hands his head.

-We cut to a Close-up of Herbert. He buries his metal head in his large hands. 

-Suddenly, we hear the sounds of a bird chirping.

-Herbert takes his hands away to reveal Isle standing up on the ground, looking up at him quizzically

-Herbert reaches out scoops up his friend and throws him on his shoulder

-Cut to Close-up of Isle looking out proud 

-We pan out to reveal he's sitting atop Herbert's shoulder

-The pair walk off together, ready to take on the world


**No idea if this is too long/broad in scope to work, but I just had the story idea and wanted to write it up. I really fell in love with these characters and can't wait to see more contributions to this awesome collaboration!** 


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Year 2114

Time is a curious pattern of incidents.

A wise man once said that to me, his name was A8, first line A Reader Robotic 8th model. A8 was a good man, made of intricate wires and nano-chips, obsessed with books as are all Reader Robotics. We called him Dave.

We, meaning, us, the human race.

The world has been on a steady healing path, forest farms grow over miles of land, feeding us oxygen, the o-zone layer is all but repaired thanks to S950’s (in short, they’re calculators that fix things). The world is a much better place than it was a hundred years ago, but then something bad happened. On the destruction of unnecessary units, including several of the world’s CDC’s a chemical was leaked, that fused with oxygen, creating a chemical malfunction that bred its way through germs. They called it The Loss.

They, meaning, them, the robotics.

I’m not defending all robotics, the earlier models were useless and some of them were frankly annoying, such as the hundred year old I-phone Suri, or so the books say, but most of them were saddened they called our disease The Loss. The human race dwindled, faster than anyone could have imagined, the lungs would become infected 6 weeks before symptoms started to show, by which point you were lucky if you saw another month.

That’s when they stepped up, led by the M1’s, medical robotics, they deployed tactics to find immunity, they were convinced there would be one micro-cell in one human body somewhere that could fight The Loss and they were right. I know they were right because that micro-cell belonged to me.

I had been nursing my mother, we’d already lost my father and sister, not that she could remember, by that point she was beyond delirious. Dave came by to help me as best he could, we never had enough money for a Household C, carer, so when he wasn’t working at the library Dave A8 helped me out. It hadn’t crossed my mind until he asked me with his static voice, in that forthright way machines do.

“Why aren’t you dead yet?”

I was 16 I didn’t know what to say, I was too busy trying to keep my mother alive.

“I have done the calculations. Going by your age, height, weight and current location, you should have died 4 months ago.”

“Not helping, Dave.”

“I did not imply an aid, but a statement of facts. My core field cannot rectify this calculation. Inbuilt regulations state; Addendum 10.5; if calculations are inconclusive or result in confusion, the A8 Reader Robotic must refer to the nearest human. Why aren’t you dead yet?”

I still didn’t have an answer for him. Within seconds an email downloaded in to his memory field, after scanning the previous conversation, it read;

“Miss Clarke, Annie Doris. This A8 system is about to conduct a medical scan, please be patient.”

Seconds later.

“Miss Clarke, Annie Doris. This A8 system has conducted a medical scan. You must report to your local GP immediately.”

Dave was worried, they weren’t uploading data to explain their emails. He stayed with my mum as I went to the Health Centre. There was an M5, medic waiting for me, rough and bumpy as all GP models are. She examined me before sending my file straight through to the M1’s. They’d found it, as simple as that, all that aptly named Loss and there it was swimming around my left tibia, a cell made up of blood, oxygen and a micro-cell they came to name the AC (Annie Clarke). It took them three weeks to conduct experiments and create the first vaccine, it wasn’t permanent, but it gave them enough time to develop the vaccine in to a cure.

Five months later M3’s all over the world were downloading the cure statistics and distributing vaccines while their M2’s replicated the cure.

Prestigious doctors worldwide, spent three years trying to find a cure for The Loss, but in the end it was them that saved us.

Some time ago, I asked Dave why the M1’s were so desperate to preserve humanity, he answered with this;

“The word computer was first used in the year 1613. Describing a human capable of performing calculations and computations. Today such a term is used to describe fellow robotics like myself. One thing evolves in to another. Time is a curious pattern of incidents. Because of the human brain we exist. Without humans there are no robotics, you are precious to us. Why would we want to lose you?”

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Everything that came before impacts everything that comes after. Yet history itself is malleable. As they say, the winners write the history books. How does documenting history change it? How much does it change our future?

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Light in my life,

Darkness in my soul,

Humanity and Holiness, 

clashing like the Waves

against a single Palm Tree,


never breaking,



take Me,

on a Journey,

not to find

That Which Is

the Wave to break to,

but a Journey

for Journey's sake;

to open Ourselves

to the Creation,

not concerning Ourselves,

with the After;

to do Good 

for Those who need it;

to be as One

and Love,

for Love's sake,

that We can feel

the Blessing of Life:


In That Which Is Now.

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your soft, smooth skin

can't hide the

tips of your


that jut out 

in bumps

along your arms


the creak

and the 


are impossible to ignore

as you walk on the street

and turn in your 



is it hard to 


inside that stretchy

skin of yours?


is it 



why don't you 






we all see






*spacing how help

by chantal
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