The one thing that is known for sure (well almost) about Dark Matter, is that we have no idea what it actually is. It could be anything or nothing - but is there any such thing as 'nothing' - aside from the space between my ears, I do believe the answer is no.

So of Dark Matter, more is NOT known than is known. This unknown substance makes up somewhere between 25-27% of the Universe, the remaining 73-75% being made up of Dark Energy, another unknown entity, and only around 5% being the matter we can see, Earth, Planets, stars etc.


by Shonam ago

How would you feel if I took you out for a day

from under the bridge you’ve been squatting in? If all the while, someone leveled it by accident and you were never able to come back to it? What if it wasn’t an accident? …and that the other villagers just thought it was best that a troll like you finally gets some rest in a warm bed next to me, seeinghow we enjoy each other’s odd company. I'm sorry...

You have every right to be angry.

I’ll help you sift for your belongings in the bone chilling dark, but please, let’s not bunker...
by lnkbacani ago

I wish I could grow a beard to hide my double chin....give it a few more years and I've no doubt I will be able to.

When it comes to the age that we do love the most it has to be the one thing that I don't understand and the society might have a problem with it

While living inside the state of mind, it usually deals with blaming someone or they can blame themselves for not letting them know in the first place

There is a part that society need to know best when it comes to the gigalo family of Nathan Skye, Siva, and Max; this would include the specific ways that include how people will decide the circumstance of all kinds of people

by eliwobabe ago

People talk of a 'bout' of depression

The start and the end with a clear demarcation

But what if your feelings of sadness persist-

the dullness of mood never born nor dismissed?

What if they linger in various forms -

a lifetime of weathering storm after storm-

breached now & then by the odd sunny spell

til the furious seas your disquiet do quell?

by DeeDee Hughes ago

Not all technology survives the march of time. Many ancient cultures had technologies* that we no longer know what they were or how they worked. I find it interesting to think about what might disappear, be lost to time and become merely a curio, perhaps one that people no longer know what it once did.

One great potential example of this is something we can almost see happening right now: the disappearance of the telephone. As more and more and people rely on mobiles, fewer of them find a landline necessary. Also, as the mobile phone...

by LillyJay ago

Colored blurs, flashing lights

two eyes downcast

as you walk by

and though invisible to their eyes

mine have nothing else to do,

but fall for an idiot like you.

by tumblingwriter ago

RLP Radio Idea:

Someone should do a 5-10 minute Recordographic Lens Project podcast discussing the week's theme, showcasing a few highlights in the form of review, or recited stories and poems or songs based on a given photo, even interviews with hR photographers about their process.

Think about it: photos on the radio.

by spaceship ago

Break the block - a great title, if only she could.

It weighs me down, like kittens in a sack

dumped in the river, eyes see only black.

Tell me Tell me how to raise my game

and pretend that there is no hurt or pain

My hands tremble from uncontrollable nerves

no sympathy please, it isn't deserved.

Show me Show me that I mean a whole lot more

than what my downward eyes see in store

I can't switch off my mind with all the thoughts and cries

"Think Happy thoughts" make me more sleep deprived

Help me Help me switch it all off

I can't keep up with these peaks and troughs.

by ChrissyRegler ago

I remember in school, learning about different culuture's ways of speaking to one another. In some places, it is more common to be straight forward about things and in other cultures, people are less upfront and more secretive.

Moms: A mothers role in the different parts of the world. What is expected of them.

Future: Different cultures views on fortune telling. For example, they highly beleive in psychics and fortune telling in some parts of the worlds in camparison to others.

by Veronica Cagl... ago
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