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Old and new
sassafrassa84 Released 14 mins ago

And just like that, the world was made new by the dance of crystalline precipitation falling in great clumps from the sky. It lays like a blanket over the bones of trees and decay of their fallen foliage, as though world is tucking itself in for an overdue nap. The wind blows like a sigh, and the oncoming winter makes itself a home between the cracks in the sidewalk and that place between heaven and earth.

Kerbearimous Released 17 mins ago

Rules to live by:
Make decisions you can live with. Don't do things in the moment that only satisfy the now. Don't make decisions that will leave you full of regret when you look back. Don't make yourself suffer. Let go of the past and start over. It takes strength to work towards what is right. Live for the long term. Our futures are the long term.


Lyrics by me, baleyjordan, and musings5225

Guitar and drum sample by kersskerner

Arrangement, vocals, and production by me

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Hey everyone ! Bonjour à tous !

You will certainly have noticed that I'm french so I will try to explain and write with the best English that I have. So... I hope you will at least understand me !

But first of all, I don't know if it's the good place to say that but I just wanted to thanks Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I know you can speak a little bit French so I will speak in my native language for you.

Je disais donc que je tenais à te remercier pour être la personne que tu es. Tu incarnes l'idéal de l'artiste car non seulement tu joues dans de grandes productions hollywoodiennes mais tu es véritablement complet, tu fais tellement de choses à la fois en t'investissant à fond dans chacune d'elle. J'ai rarement vu quelqu'un être acteur, réalisateur, scénariste, producteur et chanteur en même temps. Donc pour ça, bravo ! Tu es très éclectique et j'espère pouvoir participer à ce magnifique projet qu'est Hit Record !

When I think about Childhood... first I don't remember mine but I think about the wonderful movie The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick that I highly recommand you if you've not already watch it.

And obviously I imagine the symbols of Hope, Lack of care and Innocence combined in one single feeling. That is Childhood as regards my opinion. It will be interesant to make a drawing of this notion. I will try to do it.

Of course I've got a Childhood too and I conserved all my drawings and pictures and videos so it can help !

I will work on this and try to make something pretty !

Bye !

Cuts of a bullet
Amigone2121 Released 40 mins ago

Shaken from the bitter nails that drives the emotion into pieces…

Why the rage of moral captive flickers the mind of madness…

Don’t you come and waste my time…

I wouldn’t take another second to destroy what you most believe…

My eyes are turned inside out… the wondrous view of the wakeful shadow…

The dark lies within the mind that twist in a short craven mortal thirst…

The hand of bones are shimmer and sweet…

Yet, the alliance will bring down to the ground…

And gravel in pain as I strip you piece by piece….

Come take my gut and slave yourself in my bath…

Don’t stop for your refresh and wide open…

Stop and breathe… don’t be afraid… come pay with me…

For there are many things in addict yourself with…

Cuts of the bullets... when they are shaded into my eyes…

I will never be the same… for I don’t feel a thing…

Why circulate the endanger species… for it’s a rage will enable your heart…

You ask me why do I live this way…

Your answers will be for I thrived my existence to not be the same as others…

Leave me at peace when they eyes has no words…

I just engaged into a hard shell that begins to unfold…

Could you or will you stay watching it reveal the ways of my forth fathers….

written by me

Do they?
evanobrien12 Released 42 mins ago

This is a piano piece I wrote with added orchestral instrumentation. 

I am currently working on a electro/techno version of this song.

But I figured this version better fit this prompt.


dirtofseven Released 46 mins ago

Several snowflakes

On my nose
The delightful
Of Winter
And memories
Melted so




*inspired by a sentence Katie (musing5225) had written on Facebook.




In a city (Voice over)
Vanessa Frade Released 48 mins ago

ATTN L.A. - New slots for Extras have opened up at today's music video shoot. Email ASAP if you are available - thanks!

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