Nothing big
Nothing grand
Nothing useful
Nothing planned
Nothing smart, or at least not very
Nothing revolutionary
Nothing urgent
Nothing hot
Maybe quiet
Maybe not
Nothing hard
Nothing wet
Nothing naked, well not yet
Nothing witty
Nothing wise
No big deal
No first prize
Nothing solemn
Nothing set
Nothing much to give or get
Nothing now but me and you
Nothing more, thanks, that'll do
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EDIT// I thought this could fit the theme of outsiders! :)


I have always loved sojushots' amazing illustration "let down your hair", and now it inspired me to write this song. It's a bit darker than the original story of rapunzel, just like the illustration. The same story, different ending! :))

I would love love love loove it if someone would add some accordian or strings to this song, you know, to build it up bigger, and then maybe in the final verses also some drums..... it would be awesome...... ;)


Here are the lyrics:

A man came across this old tower one day It was straight like from a book he once read He lifted his head up and saw this young lady And here's what the lady said:

CHORUS "Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir Et comme vous pouvez le voir Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit"*

The man was so scared he could only run away He ran to the town and then said: "I just saw a lady with the longest dark hair And I think she's a living dead!"

The people, so scared, took their guns and their swords They ran to the tower and then They saw the pale lady and felt a great fear When they heard how she said it again:


The people, they knew what this all was about She was clearly a demon from hell They decided to set her long hair on fire In the end it would burn her as well

But the lady was no demon she was a lonely soul Just like in that book they once read Still waiting for her prince while her hair was on fire The one last time she said:



(*"Me, my name is miss Black And like you can see I don't smile or laugh or live" And that's all she said.)

Enjoy <3

//CHORDS were requested:


C#m, B, E
C#m, B, G#


C#m, G#m/B, Amaj7
C#m, B/D#, A, B
E, G#, A
A, B
C#, G#, C#, G#
C#, G#, C# 


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I guess we all sometimes wish we could loop some parts of our lives and never let them end. But if you stay in a loop for too long, things start to slowly loose their edges, until everything is a big blurr and you're not sure anymore if you're at the beginning or the end, and before you know it, you're lost in the loop...

However, the not-so-deep musical part of my brains loves loops! :) and everything you hear on this track can be looped! you can find thse stems in the results, so if you feel like remixing, you can make your own loop remix of this song. And as always, it would be awesome to hear other people sining or playing along!

Enjoy <3


we can go back again

to where we began

and then when we reach the end

we can still pretend that

we can go back again...

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2/4 (6/8)

65 bpm

Piano: Mel Shore

by Krrr
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FEATURED BY: ppeppina (audio curator) DATE: 2.10.2012 COMMENT: I've listened to this on a replay for hours today, so so beautiful. Sunday's mood is all over it! It's a great contribution to the Days & Ends collab, and also a great example of how tiny tunes can also be based on longer texts! I love how small and sensitive this lovely song is... I can hear a lonely cello playing along to it! absolutely beautiful <3


Sarah's Sunday poem is oh so nice. So much so that I wrote this tiny song using the first few lines of it. The melody and chords came in an instant. I like those kinds of moments.



You are the little apocalypse

In every week

The small death

Set to the scent

Of roast dinner

You are the worst day

You are the worst day

The worst day

For worriers

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Here's to Thursday, the misunderstood and underrated Hero, my favorite day of the week :) Everyone who agrees, join the jam! Some sexy saxophone to the last verse and grooving bass and drums from the second verse are desperately needed... Anyone in? ;)




Thursday you are my favorite

You are the promise, you’re the hope

The other days might say

You’re only blocking the way

from the weekend, but I don’t think it’s so

’cause you are the breath before the break

you're the sweetest wait


Thursday you are my hero

You are the strongest of them all

When other days might rush,

you do your job no matter what

So gentle, yet so tough

You’re not as wild as Friday

Maybe not softer than Sunday

But still so sweet


Thursday you are my favorite

You are the promise, you’re the hope

When everyone complains,

You stay strong and show the way

Oh where would I be without you!

’cause you are the breath before the break

you're the sweetest wait

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Metaphorest wrote us another tongueish treat in the saga of our man Morgan M. Morgansen and his lovebuddy Destiny. Hear, I've attempted the translation from vocab to voice. And I may or may not be off to shoot a bit of theatrics tonight!
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song i RECorded, hmm, october 2006. Don't know why I've never put it up here before. there's tons of shit (songs especially) i should probably just start letting go of, releasing, that is, the RECords.

tonight I put it up because i read a poem phonontek wrote on tumblr. i don't think he's released that on hitRECord yet. well maybe perhaps he might. His poem is called "Here Again."

ha! now, in fact, he has Released this here poem as a RECord here. So I've cited it as a Resource, the link's down there.

Anyway, this is one I made called Sick Again. the lyrics go...


sick again
tired liar
strong and scared
pair us up and dance despair
with lonely cares of might and may
and dream today away away
and say the sinners of their sin
i need some more medicine
i'm sick again
sick again
sick again
sick again
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I love pixel pilgrim's song. I added some drums. There's a lot of excellent sing-along moments. Anybody frisky enough to give it a go? Also, I find the whole thing très cinématique, so who's got some visuals for us?

Overnight tonight, I'll upload a zip of all the stems/resources/ProTools files, etc. (YIKES! the tech problems grow and my shit's erased! unless some miraculous recovery happens, the files no longer exist! Well, I guess I'll just have to play these drums again. It'll be better the second go-around) This could definitely use a better mix, ahem...

I wanted to add more stuff (bass especially) but, surprise surprise, i'm having troubles with the ol' REC Room rig, and at this point it crashes when I add anything new to the project? :o/

Also worth noting that I generally like to encourage everyone to record themselves on video when playing music. You just never know when that visual element might come in handy. I did not do that here, partially out of tech frustration, and mostly because my soul really just couldn't wait to play the drums already :o)
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An old song close to me heart :)

Have you seen my old self?

I think I must have lost her

I wonder if I cost her

Her life?


Have you seen my second self?

She seems to grow younger

More delicate then ever

But never better


I am recycled cells

I learn to like myself

More with each iteration


Where is my restore point?

I found an old sore point

All disjointed

My file corrupted


Where is my replacement part?

I need another new heart

The other ones beat was



I am recycled cells

I learn to like myself

More with each iteration

I’m an experiment

Each trial is a test

Constant re-calibration

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I loved Ryan Patrick's beat and the idea of rapping about dinosaurs so here it is :) I cant sing so id love it if someone could re do the chorus. If anyones interested ill upload my vocals only track. Keep creating! :)

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