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tinderlocks remarked :

Img_1875_10241 Your voice is so great for readings/vo. Awesome job!

Times last breath - remix

Icon_audio by ChrissyRegler

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tinderlocks remarked :

Img_1875_10241 Thanks for the hearts, Ray! Keep up the good work. :D

(PORTRAIT) rayperez

P9150038 by rayperez
September 16, 2013
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tinderlocks remarked :

Img_1875_10241 Aw yeah! Love it so far. I'll come up with some possible arrangements tomorrow. I did some scouting around for horn players. Hopefully MeTaL_PoU may put some sweet trumpet lines to i...

The Ballad Of Mollie (remix...

Battered by andyramone

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Iluminar remarked :

Iluminar-1518200 I don't even know what to say about this... Hello passive-aggressive? :)

I don't regret eating the p...

Katzapet25-1101253 by mushr

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phoenixsummer remarked :

Bunny_ears_ Awesome. LMAO for side effects.

Product of the FUTURE- (STE...

Icon_video by MMonroe1
April 19, 2014
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brandi jeaux remarked :

Brandi%20jo SO INSPIRED by this testimonial, smallbird! I wish I knew you- you're an awesome individual. Also, really like your voice. Ever do any VO work on here? If not, maybe you should try i...

answering a few questions

Icon_video by smallbird

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shellshock33 remarked :

Shellshock33-1550580 HAHAHA! omg.... nice. :D

Minefield Monologue (RE: Fat)

Icon_text by humberfloob

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phoenixsummer remarked :

Bunny_ears_ Love the music. Sprayed my tea all over the place laughing. :)

Heat Wave. When Shit Stops ...

Icon_video by shellshock33
April 02, 2014
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