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Issaness remarked :

Hitrecordpicture Omg have you ever read The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner?

If you haven't, you should. You will laugh so hard when you're done and you look back at this. Because i...

Angler fish (Re:Swimming) (...

Snowhite_b-1567054 by Snowhite_B
March 24, 2014
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shellshock33 remarked :

Shellshock33-1550580 hahahahahaha YES! :D <3

Save The Prayers for Later ...

Icon_text by Iluminar

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LovelyS remarked :

Pattern_-_a_living_fossil.jpg Its beautiful! <3

Record Title

Beniquajones-1588125 by Beniquajones

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MusicAndBookLover remarked :

Dsc01598 Woo Tom Hiddleston! I remember him saying that~ An introspective quote.

Anyways, I would really like to hear people's thoughts on whether or not it is possible to fall in ...

We all have two lives/who d...

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Traeidein remarked :

Photo_on_12-09-29_at_11.12_pm Thanks! I love spaghetti westerns =). I dunno if that was apparent =).

(PORTRAIT) ponytailsandcapris

Mucha_beauty_sleeps by ponytailsandcapris
June 01, 2013
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I speak whale remarked :

I-speak-whale-1584978 Thank you for the "flood" of hearts. :))

Puddle Jumper

I-speak-whale-1584937 by I speak whale
April 13, 2014
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BordeauxBlossom remarked :

Bordeauxblossom%20profpic <3

"How do you pull yourself o...

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WinterFire remarked :

Hair-on-fire You are too kind, my friend.
Don't worry about it. I look forward to anything you might have to say about my records. I will take a closer look at yours as well.
Take care.


Winterfire-1588156 by WinterFire

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