I was goin' for somethin' a little 'xx'-ish.  105 BPM



I’ve seen them go bump in the night

Fall into the unknown

Wrapped up in the covers tight

But I can never let go


When everyone’s talkin bout secrets you keep, And the bones in your closet won’t hide all the things

You’ve buried deep

So they claw and they bite, cut the flesh with their teeth, as they tear me apart, as i stifle a scream

Black & white dream


You, you’re haunting me

You, You’re keeping me in the dark


I’ve heard them ghosts whispering low

Nocturnal heart attack

Now, there's a creak in the floorboards

I can never go back

And return to a time I was frightened to know, How the life that you lead’s not the one you let show

You’re all alone

With 8 pairs of eyes, yellow, staring at me Through the thin pane of glass, through the fog I can see

So vividly


You, you’re haunting me

You, you’re keeping me In the dark

In the dark

In the dark


What are you good at?


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