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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

• What is hitRECord?

hitRECord is an open collaborative production company. Think of it as a studio where artists collaborate on projects together and remix each others work with the potential to contribute to money-making productions.

It's open to anyone (13 years of age and older) who wants to upload original audio, video, text, or images, as well as public domain, with the understanding that their work may be downloaded by other members of the community for the purpose of being remixed.

For example, a piece of writing may inspire an illustration, which could then be turned into a piece of animation.

• What is a RECord?

Once your work is uploaded to the site, it becomes a RECord, and your RECords can be downloaded by other members of the community to remix, refine, revise, or reimagine and then re-upload to the site for further remixing.

RECORDS on HITRECORD are never considered finished, even if it is used as a completed piece in a money-making production or during a live event. RECORDS can always be downloaded and remixed into something else entirely.

• What file formats are supported by hitRECord?

Video: avi, dv, mov, qt, mpg, mpg2, mpeg2, mpeg4, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, asf, wmv, flv'

Audio: mp3, wav, aiff

Image: png, jpg, jpeg, gif

Zip files are also supported for multiple files.

• How do I contribute a new RECord?

See that Red RECord button up at the top of the page? Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the upload page. This is where you can contribute your RECord to hitRECord.

Adding a new RECord to the site is not hard, but there are some steps to follow to make it easier for others to find and use your RECords.

• Choose the type of file you’re going to upload (Text, Video, Image, Audio, ZIP)

• Select “Choose File”.

• Find it on your computer, and upload it to the site.

• Enter a concise, descriptive, and unique title for your RECord

• Select cover art, if desired, to show a "thumbnail" image of what your RECord is about.

• Add tags so that your RECord can be easily found. You can either enter text in the Tags text box (do not use hashtags before entry) or select pre-set tags from the drop-down menu.

• Understand and select the checkbox reading "I warrant that this RECord is my own original work and that any resources used in it are either from or in the public domain." Remember, do not upload copyrighted material!

• Hit the red record button one more time, and your RECord will be released.

• How can I get my work noticed?

The community of hitRECord is different from other online artistic communities because it's not primarily about having your art seen, but having your art be used in collaborative projects.

With that in mind, the best way to have your work used is to contribute to active collaborations and work with other artists by remixing other work on the site.

1) Contribute to active collaborations. Maybe one or more of your RECords are a good fit for a collaboration that the hitRECord community is already working on?

To find active collaborations, check out our Featured page ( ). Take a look around and see if any active collaborations stand out to you! There are all sorts of collaborations happening at any given time.

Maybe you’re a writer and you just released an idea for a short film?

Scroll down, and click on the link for writers. You’ll be presented with a number of active collaborations looking for pieces of writing. Perhaps your idea could be a good fit for one of these collaborations? Or maybe you’ll find a collaboration that will inspire you to contribute a new RECord?

2) Remix the work of other artists on the site.

Remixing is a huge part of our creative process - it’s how we make things together. Here’s an example:

Maybe you find an instrumental that you like. You could download it, add your vocals to it, and re-upload it as a new RECord for others to add to and remix. Or you could download another artist’s stock footage, add your own audio to it, and upload that as a new RECord for others to add to and remix (and, of course, this process isn’t exclusive to musicians! It can apply to any type of art or artist).

Anytime you remix someone else’s work, it’s important that you cite your resources! Click here to learn more about citing resources.

• How do I find artists to collaborate with?

A great way to find artists to collaborate with is to use your dashboard ( This is where you can subscribe to artists on the site as a way to see what they’re working on.

When you click on your dashboard for the first time, you’ll notice that you’re automatically signed up to follow RegularJOE and hitRECord’s account.

But you can subscribe to anyone who’s work you like by clicking on 'SUBSCRIBE TO MY RECORDS AND RECOMMENDATIONS' found on their user page.

So, who should you subscribe to? The short answer is anyone who’s work that stands out to you! A good place to start is to follow hitRECord’s Staff and Resident Curators, which can be found at Click Here to learn more about who Resident Curators are and what they do.

• What happens when I recommend RECords from another artist?

Becoming an active member of the community starts by being one yourself. So get out there and start recommending people's work that you like!

A recommendation is a way to let the community know that you feel a RECord could have potential for remixing or used in a collaboration. It's different than a "Like" on Facebook, or a "Favorite" on Twitter. Recommendations are hitRECord’s way of curating for collaborations and professional productions.

Open any RECord and you’ll see a heart icon in the upper right corner of the RECord. When you ‘hit the heart’, you are recommending this RECord for other members of the community to view and potentially remix.

• Where can I communicate with other members of the hitRECord community?

The best way to communicate with other members of hitRECord is to comment on their RECords. You can comment on any RECord by clicking the + COMMENTS button toward the bottom of the RECord.

There is also a CONVERSATION PAGE you can participate in here:

• Who are hitRECord’s Resident Curators and what do they do?

Resident curators are hitRECord community members who have been contributing RECords for a while, and they have an eye for some of the best work that’s being created everyday. 

Subscribe to some of them, and their RECords and RECommendations will show up in your Dashboard. This is a great to way to discover other new artists that you can subscribe to.

• Why can't I post copyrighted material?

hitRECord is a for-profit production company based in the U.S. As such, we cannot use copyrighted material to earn profits due to copyright laws in the U.S.

• Is there someone at Hitrecord that can answer copyright/legal related questions before artwork submission?

Yes. You can send all copyright-related questions to We will work to reply as quickly as possible.


Please note: any scripts, collaboration ideas, etc. should be submitted as RECords on hitRECord. If none of the information above answers your questions, please visit our HELP Forum

If all else fails, please email - we'll get back to you in as timely a manner as possible, but due to a high volume of questions contributed daily, it might take a while.

• Press Inquiries?

Press inquiries may be sent here:

Helpful Tips & Technical Info

• Contributing Videos To hitRECord

Please refer to this link for the VIDEO TECHNICAL SPECS of HITRECORD ON TV. Below are the ideal specs for all Videos uploaded for the TV show:

• Contributing Music To hitRECord

Please refer to this video for the AUDIO TECHNICAL SPECS of HITRECORD ON TV. Below are the ideal specs for all Audio uploaded for the TV show:

You can also refer to this text RECord for more technical tips on contributing and organizing audio RECord uploads:

• Contributing Graphics and Images To hitRECord

Please refer to this Video for the GRAPHIC TECHNICAL SPECS of HITRECORD ON TV. Below are the ideal specs for all Graphics uploaded for the TV show:

Payment Information

• How are profit splits determined?

For every monetized production, hitRECord staff reviews the final production to ensure all contributions and artists are credited. This is sometimes a frame-by-frame process. Every identified record is input into our Productions Monitization Software.

Once the hitRECord staff reviews each production, proposals for profit splits are published on for the community to review.

At this time, the Community is asked to review the proposed splits and provide comments. Typically, a production is given 2 weeks of comment time.  HITRECORD ON TV episodes are given 4 weeks for review.

All comments are compiled and reviewed and necessary changes are made to the profit proposals.  For HITRECORD ON TV, a text document is prepared responding to comments, which is given an additional week for review and comments.  Upon final review, final profit documents are prepared and checks are cut for delivery!

• Do I have any say in how much I get paid?

Community Payments are a dialogue!  Contributors are given 2-4 weeks to review Preliminary Profit Documents to ensure their or their fellow community member's work is attributed and paid in a way that is most fair.  HITRECORD ON TV is given an additional final review period based on its complexity.  hitRECord staff reviews every comment that is made on the Profit Document threads and respond throughout the review period.

Every effort is made to weigh opinions and proposals; however, the final determination of the profit splits is at the sole discretion of hitRECord.

• Do I have to receive a check / Can I get direct deposit?

The process of cutting checks for all Contributors is a long and intricate process. Currently, we are not set up to offer direct deposit to all of our Contributors.

Some Contributors have indicated that they would prefer to donate their payment back to the company.  While this sentiment is greatly appreciated, hitRECord has to cut checks to our Contributing Artists per our Terms of Service (

• I live in another country - how do you handle exchange rates?

For many of our International Contributors receiving small checks, the bank fees associated with cashing those checks are higher than the actual payout.  Beginning in June 2014, these contributors may opt to contact hitRECord’s Financial Controller, Adele Bouett ( and have their check held and added to future payouts.

• Can I track the delivery of my check?

Both International and Domestic checks are mailed via the United States Postal Service First Class Mail.  This mail service is untrackable.  If a check is lost in the mail, the Contributor is asked to contact to request a reissued check.

Reissuing a check requires the cancellation of the first check.  This check cancellation fee is $35, which unfortunately hitRECord cannot cover.

Deleting Accounts

• How can I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account, please send an email to and include your account name. We will work to delete your account in a timely manner, but please allow up to 60 days in order to fulfill this request.

• Why does it take so long to delete an account?

The RECords you contribute to hitRECord are immediately available to our community to download, remix, and upload back to our site for the community to remix again. Because your RECords might already be incorporated in another RECorder’s work, deleting your account may result in others' having their work removed as well. When you request your account be deleted, our team behind the scenes starts figuring out how to accommodate your request with the least amount of interference to the work of other RECorders. Every case is unique and we appreciate your patience during the process!

• I want to delete a RECord?

When you release a RECord on hitRECord, you're giving permission for every hitRECorder to resource and remix it. Therefore, hitRECord's policy is that once a RECord is released it should not be deleted. We understand however that sometimes mistakes are made: videos don't encode properly, RECords get mislabeled, etc. Under these circumstances, we encourage you to use the 'HIDE' feature made available on site. However, if you've mistakenly released a RECord that must be deleted, please submit it to our deleting collaboration – a member of the team goes through every so often and cleans it out. Otherwise, please email