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ANIMATORS: Contribute Test Animations for the Henry Adam Wood: Letter To Irmgard short film.



NOTE: Please use THIS ALBUM has a reference.

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Request List:

  • Animation

    • Contribute Test Animations for this collab
  • Illustration

    • Draw Crown Moulding ideas
    • Draw a Vase with Dead Flowers
    • Draw a Hard wood floor
    • Draw the Candelabra's
    • Draw Higher Stacks of Letters
    • Draw more HAW Logos
    • Draw Title Card Ideas
    • Draw Armoire for bedroom
    • Draw vintage-looking Christmas Cards
    • Draw a Fire Place
    • Draw Irmgard
    • Draw a Nightstand
    • Draw Pajamas
    • Draw the Bed & Sheets
    • Draw a Pen
    • Draw Letter Paper
    • Draw a Stack of Letters
    • Draw a Candle
    • Draw a Window
    • Draw Miscellaneous Props
    • Draw the Bedroom
    • Draw the Bedroom Wallpaper
    • Draw the Wall of Portraits
    • Draw Miscellaneous Backgrounds
    • Draw a Chair
    • Draw the Mansion
    • Draw Irmgard Portraits
    • Draw the Hallway
    • Draw the Desk
    • Draw a small Antique Tabke
    • Draw Old Globes
    • Draw Giant Bookshelves
    • Draw a Fancy Luster
    • Draw Old Street Lamps
    • Draw Bushes
    • Draw Old Doors
    • Draw Curtains
    • Draw Hunting Trophies
    • Draw the Carpet
    • Draw the Parquet
    • Draw Medieval Armor
    • Draw Small Greek/Roman Statues
    • Draw Swords & Shields
    • Draw Dark Looking Hills
    • Draw Dark Looking Trees (almost without leaves)
    • Draw Henry Adam Wood's Glasses
    • Draw a variety of Other Mistresses
    • Draw a variety of Old Picture Frames
    • Draw a Tobacco Pipe
  • Curation

    • Make an Album of your favorite contributions for this collab

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose one of your records to contribute: