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NOTE: Please refer to THIS ANIMATIC when contributing.

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Request List:

  • Illustration

    • Draw the London Skyline
    • Draw London Monuments
    • Draw the Road
    • Draw Prom Exterior #1
    • Draw Prom Exterior #2
    • Draw Prom Interior #1
    • Draw Prom Interior #2
    • Draw Prom Interior #3
    • Draw Background of Tom as Prom Date
    • Draw Background of Tom when he's Dr. Who
    • Draw Assorted Color/Pattern Backgrounds
    • Draw Lydia's Boots
    • Draw UFO Dress on Hanger
    • Draw Hummer from side view (with Window)
    • Draw the Prom Red Carpet
    • Draw the Waiting Line Ropes
    • Draw the Prom Sign
    • Draw the Camera and Light Bulb Flashes
    • Draw the Cafeteria Tables
    • Draw the Juice Box
    • Draw Prom Decorations
    • Draw the Boy in Hummer
    • Draw Silhouettes of Prom Bus Passengers
    • Draw Silhouettes of People Outside of Prom
    • Draw Silhouettes of People on the Dance Floor
    • Draw Silhouettes of People watching Awards Presentation
    • Draw Assorted Eyes and Mouths
    • Draw Assorted Hand and Arm Poses
    • Draw Prom Judge's Arms
    • Draw Lydia
    • Draw Sewing Machine & Miscellaneous Sewing Supplies
    • Draw the Multicolor Underskirt
    • Draw Lydia's Dress-Making Environment
    • Draw the Prom Award: Best Dressed
    • Draw the Prom (Interior)
    • Draw the Nasty Girl w/ Princess Dress
    • Draw the Double-Decker Bus
    • Draw the Silver Leggings
    • Draw the Silver Platform Boots
    • Draw Lydia's Prom Friends
    • Draw the Princess Dress
    • Draw Tom
    • Draw the Prom Queen Crown
    • Draw Tom as Dr. Who
    • Draw the Hummer Limo
    • Draw the Math Teacher
    • STORYBOARD ARTISTS: Create Storyboards for each Slug
    • Draw the CyberDog Store
    • Draw Disco Ball at Prom
    • Draw the Students and Teachers at Prom
    • Draw the Prom (Exterior)
    • Draw the Prom Award: Most Likely to Host a Quiz Show
    • Draw the Prom Award: Most Likely to be Famous
    • Draw the Silver UFO Dress
  • Animation

    • Animate this Short Film
    • Create a Test Animation for this collab
    • Create Test Animations for jdelgado81's Visuals
    • Create Test Animations for patriciasantos' Visuals
    • Create Test Animations for other Characters in this collab
  • Curation

    • Make an album of your favorite contributions for this collab

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose one of your records to contribute: