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SINGERS: Record video of yourself singing along, humming, or harmonizing based on THIS REFERENCE MIX. Here are some notes when contributing your vocals:

  • Please wear headphones when recording your vocals to this song.
  • Sing/Hum the instrumental parts in this mix (trying to sound like Instruments as best as possible)
  • Sing the original chorus ("What is my existence in the distance?") or sing the "Later on down the line" lyric. (As well as any other lyrics in this Reference Mix).
  • Back up the lyrical parts so that the blend sounds like a choir
  • Feel free to add any other vocals parts that you would like


NOTE: If you are going to contribute vocals for multiple parts, please upload all your individual tracks in one ZIP.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: You can find the Stems + Chart for the Reference Mix HERE.


* The deadline for this request is Monday, April 13th.

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