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Screen_shot_2012-03-27_at_10.30.21_pm hitRECord Released May 15, 2014


  • The four Social Action videos are completed.
  • These videos were made in collaboration with pivot, Professor Jenkins of USC & The MacArthur Foundation, and will potentially be shown in classrooms all over the world.
  • pivot is in charge of the distribution for these videos, but they will be uploaded to the site as soon as possible.
  • pivot may be potentially be airing these videos as 90 second spots on their network for their Digital Literacy Campaign.


EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord yourself on Camera discussing your thoughts on The Agenda or answer the following questions briefly and concisely:

  • What do you make Public? What do you keep Private? Be specific.
  • Do you post anything of yours (writing, photos, etc.) on any Social Media Outlets? Why or why not? 
  • Do you post any of your thoughts or art somewhere Private, like a journal?
  • How do you decide what you make Public and what you keep Private? Or do you not think about it that much? Explain.
  • Have you ever experienced any consequences for sharing something Publicly? Did you regret it? Explain.
  • Have you ever shared something Publicly that you had kept Private for a long time? Did you experience positive results from doing so? What happened?
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