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Screen_shot_2012-03-27_at_10.30.21_pm hitRECord Released Apr 30, 2014

ALL ARTISTS: Contribute new or existing RECords for each of the following Angles for the RE: Guns episode:

  • Gun Ownership
  • Hunting
  • Gun Policy Across the World
  • Toy Guns
  • Jobs that Require Guns
  • A World Without Guns
  • Guns in Entertainment & the Media
  • The Wild West
  • Muscles
  • The Business of Guns
  • Strangers with Guns
  • Miscellaneous


EVERYONE: Contribute a Text Record with your Ideas for segments for this potential TV Episode.

EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord a testimonial regarding this theme.

Q&A: RECord yourself on video answering these questions:

  • "Do you own a Gun? Why or why not? Be specific."
  • "Have you ever shot a Gun before? What was the experience like? Would you ever do it again? Why or why not?"
  • "Have you ever had a Gun pointed at you before? If so, what happened? How did it make you feel?"
  • "What are the Gun Laws in your country? How do your country's Gun Laws affect you and your community?"
  • "If you are trained to operate a Gun - for employment or otherwise - do you view Guns differently than when you weren't trained? Be specific."
  • "Gun Owners - what do you protect yourself against with your Gun? Elements of nature or a human threat?"
  • "How have popular First-Person Shooter Video Games affected our view of Guns? Do they replace our desire for the real thing in any way? Explain."

WRITERS: Write a story regarding this theme.

ANIMATORS: Contribute an Animation regarding this theme.

ILLUSTRATORS: Contribute an Illustration regarding this theme.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Contribute some Graphic Design regarding this theme.

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