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Screen%20shot%202012-03-27%20at%2010.30.21%20pm hitRECord Released Apr 21, 2014

ANIMATORS: Create a short Test Animation of a Pine Cone Dancer as she falls from the Branch to the Ground.


NOTE: Please use THESE ANIMATION NOTES & THIS ALBUM as an Album when contributing.

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Request List:

  • Animation

    • Contribute a Test Animation for the Pine Cone Dancer
  • Cinematography

    • RECord video footage of environments that could be Backgrounds or Backdrops for the Pine Cone Dancers
  • Illustration

    • Create Character Designs for the Pine Cone Dancers
  • Photography

    • Take Photos of Pine Cones from all different angles against either a solid Green or White Background
  • Music

    • COMPOSERS: Contribute a Score for the Animatic
  • Curation

    • Make an Album of your favorite contributions to the collab
  • Other

    • DANCE CHOREOGRAPHERS: Choreograph a dance for the Pine Cone Dancer to perform

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose one of your records to contribute: