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Screen_shot_2012-03-27_at_10.30.21_pm hitRECord Released Apr 21, 2014

ALL ARTISTS: Contribute new or existing RECords for each of the following Angles for the RE: School episode:

  • Passing Notes In Class
  • Cheating In School
  • Prom
  • Social Dynamics of School
  • Grades & Tests
  • The 1st Day of School
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • School Faculty Members
  • School Reunions
  • Miscellaneous (regarding any additional Angles not listed above)


EVERYONE: Contribute a Text Record with your Ideas for segments for this potential TV Episode.

EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord a testimonial regarding this theme.

Q&A: RECord yourself on video answering these questions:

  • "Did you ever have an embarassing moment at school? Be as specific as possible."
  • "Do you have a particular memory or story from a first day at school?"
  • "What was your experience like going to - or not going to - Prom?"
  • "What are your thoughts regarding Grades? What kind of an impact did they have on your academic career?"
  • "Do you have any experience dropping out of school? What was it like and how did it affect you?"
  • "What are your Teachers like outside of school?"
  • "How does School fit into our cultural expectations of what our lives are supposed to be?"
  • "Do you have any opinions or stories on the Social Classes within School (like Jocks, Nerds, Goths, etc.)?"
  • "What have you learned from the School of Hard Knocks?"
  • "Parents: how has your perception or memory of your school experience changed after your kids began school? Be specific."
  • "Was there a Member of your School System that had a particular impact on you? Did they teach you a specific lesson about life? Or did they do something in particular that really resonated with you?"

WRITERS: Contribute a piece of Writing regarding this theme.

MUSICIANS: Contribute a piece of Music regarding this theme.

ANIMATORS: Contribute an Animation regarding this theme.

ILLUSTRATORS: Contribute an Illustration regarding this theme.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Contribute some Graphic Design regarding this theme.

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