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10915217_10155101902830576_8261520686411379880_n TaschaS Released Mar 28, 2014

*****This collab will be on hold until further notice as I am swamped with moving/school at the moment!  Feel free to REmix away using the prompt word "print" as inspiration!*********

Every Wednesday, I will be posting a prompt word to provide some inspiration for image REmixing. The prompt word for this week is PRINT.


Take a look around the site for some inspiration.  REmix at least three images from the site together into one image that relates to the theme. 


This collaboration is for everyone, regardless of your level of graphic design expertise!  If you need some tutorials, check out filmpunk's hitRECord Academy collaboration.


If you have a theme suggestion for the following week, include it in the description of your RECord. Also, be sure to resource all of the RECords you’ve used and use the prompt word as one of your tags. Please only contribute one image REmix per week.


Once you have contributed your REmix to this collaboration, be sure to also contribute it to CaptClare’s Image REmix Library Collaboration!


Happy image REmixing!



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