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Me2 CaptClare Released Mar 16, 2014

thatwasnotveryravenofyou has had a fantastic poetry collab going for a while now and in celebration of all things wordy she is writing a poem every day for the month of April - National Poetry Month 2014.

Although I live elsewhere I reckon declaring April HitRECord Poetry Month a ripper of an idea therefore I propose that in conjunction with the poem every day collab a recite a poem every day collab.

Whether you choose to video yourself, do a voice over or even RECord someone else - every day in April recite a poem you've written or even better, one you've fallen in love with on the site and I will endeavour to do the same! 

Check out the poem every day collab here!

Xx  CaptClare


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Request List:

  • Curation

    • Selection of poems you want to hear recited
    • Favorite recited poems and REmixes
  • Video Editing

    • Video REmix of a poetry reading
  • Animation

    • Animation REmix of a voiceover or film
  • Voiceover Artists

    • Voiceover of a poem
  • Actors

    • Actor/s filmed reciting/acting out a poem
  • Music

    • Score for a recited poem voice over or film
    • REmix a voice over with music
  • Other

    • FILMMAKERS: Make a Storyboard inspired by a poem on the site
    • FILMMAKERS: Shoot your own Short Film based on a poem you like

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose one of your records to contribute: