Are we recording? We are an open, collaborative production company. Come work with us!

This collaboration is an invitation, a challenge, NAY, a DARE — can you write a poem a day, every day, for a month?

Here is the mad scheme - write 30 poems in 30 days. That's it. One month of your life, one poem every day.

We tattered few who have done it can promise: it’s kind of awful, kind of wonderful, never easy, and always worth it.



Get your poem-a-day on!

Start right now! Or tomorrow! Or after you've had a bagel! Whatever! 



You can still do a ton through this collab!

We want readings of poetry, we want videos of you performing spoken word, we want blackout poetry, we want you to turn poems into songs, we want your illustrations of these poems. We want it all! 

You can submit your voiceovers or performances to the RECITE A POEM EVERY DAY collab.


For more details on Poem Every Day, here is a quick FAQ.

challenge delivered!


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Request List:

  • Music

    • take a poem and use it as lyrics
    • do a reading of a poem
  • Other

    • Something else!
  • Illustration

    • make blackout poetry
    • illustrate a poem or line of a poem you like
  • Photography

    • take a photo inspired by a poem
    • turn a poem into an image tale
    • pair a line from a poem with a photo to make a One Scene Photo or a Scene from a Fictional Film
  • Curation

    • compile an album of the poems with the most remix potential
    • once you hit 30 poems, make an album of them and add it!
  • Writing

    • poem-a-day
    • reflections on how the month is going for you
    • re-recs of your favorite poems
  • Graphic Design

    • make a typographic poster with a line from a poem you like
    • remix a poem with a photo/illustration that pairs with it

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose one of your records to contribute: