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Wraaa_logo wirrow Released Jul 26, 2012

contribute your tiny stories & illustrations for Volume 3 of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, 2013!

if you found your way here through volume 2 of the book.. hi! stick around, i think you'll like it here :)





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Request List:

  • Graphic Design

    • find a story and an illustration that works together
    • arrange images from the site into a new image for a tiny story
  • Writing

    • write a tiny story
    • remix a tiny story
  • Illustration

    • illustrate a tiny story
    • remix an illustration for a tiny story
  • Curation

    • make an album of your favourite tiny stories
    • make an album of your favourite illustrations for tiny stories (point out which tiny story each illustration would be good for)

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose one of your records to contribute: