Ok, this is the first version I will improve it with the adding content in the page, If I have to.

I wanted to put some moves in it, like this it would have more dynamism to be a real opening title. Great job on the sound and the basis people :D

I used the video of lightning to have some pattern and make a more darker ambiance with incrustation. I worked the couches RVB, and put some effects. ;) + the sound of ligthning I believe it's really glauque like this.

I think keeping this basis to make transitions... I like the idea to use the dark smoke to do transitions from one little stories to another with window left/right right/left movements.

What do you think ?

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EVERYONE: Contribute Thoughts, Ideas & Questions for the Untitled Blindness Mini Documentary.



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WOLF is a grand representation of the new more mature and darker sound emanating from the ladies of Jungal. Combining dirty swamp guitar, chunky bass and straight up rock n roll drums, WOLF explores themes of mental disorder, temper problems and the demons within.


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RE:FuTuRE (animated)

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Just my quick thoughts about my second born and how things have been different thus far in her life.  Maybe we as mothers aren't supposed to admit it, but things have been different with my second born.  Sometimes for her benefit and sometimes not.  They are different because I have done it all before, I know more and I'm less surprised by things, but also less enthoused.  I have less time for her but I am also calmer about things. 

She also has a whole other person to love her.  From the moment she arrived she has had the love and protection of a big brother.  He has had to find his way alone through things, she will always benefit from his guidance and example.

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Heres the monster with 3over4 animated.. Some frames are a bit messy and I could add more frames at some parts.. I'll add all that in the future.. =D

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I want to create something so groundbreaking, you'll forget Breaking Bad was ever the standard.

Yup, the IMPOSSIBLE dream. Featuring Vince Gilligan and RegularJoe namedrops, and the amazing RosellaWeigand and her perfect reactions to everything.


Share my dream? We should collaborate :)

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by Marya
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I have pretty big news… WE WON AN EMMY! To all of the artists, all over the world that contributed their ideas, writing, music, animation, really ANY kind of RECording: thank you, thank you, thank you!! We all earned this together.

We won the award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the category of Social TV Experience, which means that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has recognized our collaborative efforts in making this show together through

So thank you to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for recognizing the efforts of so many who made a show like HITRECORD ON TV possible. While our main focus as a community is to seek validation in the work we do together, it’s truly an honor to have an established institution like the Emmy’s take notice of our collaborative process.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank our amazing network, Pivot, as they took a chance on this show before we even made the first episode.

So I say it again - thank you all!! I can’t wait for Season 2. In fact, if you are ANY kind of artist, come work with us. We’re in production right now, and it’s going really, really well. So come and join us!

Thanks again


CLICK HERE to watch Episode 1.


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My name is Daniela and here are my past, present and future dreams! :)

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My Budapest puzzle box with all its secret compartments. 

by Proi
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