Stock footage of high definition 3D rendering of planet Earth. 4K HD resolution is available upon request also. 

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Jakethehuman did a fantastic job animating (his animation here) Tillycat's quirky Octomom illustration. Just doing the thing I do, adding sound design and music to it. All sounds recorded by me. The separate audio stems are included in the remix download.

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EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: Contribute a Video Testimonial about the Gun Policy in your Country & the effects it has on your life. Here are some questions you can answer:

  1. Do you agree or disagree with your Country's Gun Policy? Why or Why not?

  2. Do you see Guns on a daily basis? If so, where?

  3. Do Police Officers carry Guns in your Country? How does this make you feel?

  4. Does anyone in your Family own a Gun? If so, why do they have one?


NOTE: Please use these great Video Testimonials by RJDPA & CLOUDYCLOUD as a reference when contributing to this collab.



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It's been almost 2 months since I've been on HR... so I thought I should upload something, so here's something I just did, testing out my camera...  I'll be back around off and on throughout the month.  I really appriciate everyone who's dropped me a line, it means a lot, THANK YOU! :D <3

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Yeah, IDK...  Just put this together with random footage I filmed earlier  hahaha -_- 

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It's rough!! So rough. But I'm uploading this to help give reference to anyone who wants to create the backgrounds required for this Cold Open. And also to give everyone an idea of what the final thing will look like. Bear in mind, some of the timings of each shot still need to be tweaked.

Obviously, there are things missing, but this is the bulk of the main animation all roughed out with pencil tests, the things missing are mainly the 2 extra cavemen in the background, some fire and a shot that will be close a up of the fire (shot 12)

I have numbered each shot reference

So please refer to this list when creating backgrounds. To recap we need:

1. Medium shot of the cave entrance and cliff edge, straight on (Like Jordan Kendalls here but with more room between cave entrance and cliff edge, and with neautral lighting).

This is for  shots 1 - 11, some of which are zoomed in, so make it BIG and high res! Closest shot for this angle is shot 1 and widest is shot 3.

2. Extra wide shot of the same setting (for shot 14 at the end.)

3. Shot from above looking down at the fire pit and surrounding area (shot 14)


Hope that makes sense. And of course, feedback is most welcome at this early stage.

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I'm still addicted to this Tiny Planet art and ideas! I've been wanting to create some actual 3D art of various planets. 

So here's a city planet idea with a toon render! Lot's of remix / bumper / add-on possibility here... ;)

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Let me be super clear, this is not an example of film editing in the slightest! That isnt an art form I take any claim to. Here,  I simply cut out large parts of the film leaving the most beautiful/disturbing/odd/classic shots from the story by Robert Louis Stevenson directed in 1920 by John S. Robertson starring Martha Mansfield and John Barrymore

by tdolan
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VISUAL ARTISTS: Create Visuals to turn THIS TINY STORY into a Tiny Film.



by ozie
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Cutaways added to the rough-cut.

Additional public domain footage from:

- Betty Boop: Judge For a Day (1935),

- Maintaining Classroom Discipline (1947),

- Practicing Democracy in the Classroom (1953),

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Created for the reason to make all life deceased n'
Got entrusted with the gift of life then guns commit treason
I'm sick of hearing that same ole plug
"Guns don't kill people", then what do they do, give em hugs?
It's fine if you love em but at least cease the frontin
They got no purpose on earth except death and destruction
Let me guess you wanna use it for protection madam?
Whatcha gon' do, pull it out and throw it at em?
Nah, you're gonna try to dead em all, man
Let em spray like an aerosol can
Is that the sound of a bullet that's traveling toward a chest?
Or the sound of a gavel that sentenced someone to death?
It's too late to return to that gun free time
There's too many in the world and criminals carry a nine
Like a math equation
What's with the fascination?
It's supposed to be a peaceful nation not a piece filled nation, man

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Hello there. So this is what I feel like could be a final edit. Thanks sooo much John for providing the great voice-over and helping me figuring out the best way to edit everything together. <3

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