I'm actually really interested to see thoughts on this since its a somewhat controversial topic and I handle it in a relatively heavy handed manner (although not really espoucing any particular view). I just wanted to play with the idea of the dangerous or violent American that I hear about from those outside of the country (especially as a Texan..."Do you own a gun?" "How often do you go hunting" "Can you shoot from a horse?"...btw, no, never, and I WANT TO TRY!).

And NATURALLY another shout out to KWiz! Man is a beast.


Vox Stems:


I'm a…dangerous American, see me n I'm baring arms/ Clear the room before I lay the city out like Genghis Khan/ Speak a word, the heat is drawn, move and you can rest in peace/ I keep it by my side until my side causes the death of me/ A…dangerous Texan, wild n loose with a weapon/ It's not even a love now, call this an obsession/ I don't use it for aggression, I use it for my defenses/ But step to me, I'll exercise my 2nd amendment/

Meet me in the court room, I'll sit as a defendant/ See a gun'll make your witness disappear within an instant/ Won't...speak…a full….thought/ Cause God knows I'm avoiding getting caught up with a sentence/ Repentance may be best before you step to me/ I take a gun to kill your fucking country n then leave you as a refugee/ You testing me? I'm an American man/ I'll respond by killing you, ya friend, and the fucker next to me/

It's the revolution, found through executions/ I go hard…mother fucker I'm from Houston/ Gemme a fifth of whiskey, a gun n a couple clips/ And I'm tipsy killing everyone from here up to Poughkeepsie/ All I need's a moment and a little motivation/ Find you in an alley n then paint the fucking pavement/ I brought the chalk with me for the outline/ I'll make this an art class, you wanna die? Goddamnit its about time/

I'm…about mine, catch me in a sting/ Give a gun to a crazy man, see what it'll bring/ I'm talking 'Nam shit the way I find a target n then bomb it/ And make it all pay like it was fucking economics/ I'm a marks man, tiring but not retiring/ No way with gun fire any client here'll fire me/ But this is just for fun, shit I don't even own a gun/ I made this fucking rap up about it just for the irony/


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This is the video testimonial, "Dating Game," that was on the episode RE: The Other Side of HITRECORD ON TV Season 1.

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FIRE WORK: Film Footage of people working with Fire. CONTRIBUTE HERE


UNTITLED CROW FOLKTALE: Contribute Story Treatments, Ideas, Visuals & Songs for the Untitled Crow Folktale collab. CONTRIBUTE HERE



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VISUAL ARTISTS: Contribute Visuals for hitRECord Around The World.

ANIMATORS: Animate these Visuals.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Contribute a Voice Over performance of these two lines:

  • Intro: "And now we bring you stories from hitRECord around the world."

  • Outro: "Thanks for tuning into this installment of hitRECord around the world."



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Just because I felt like doing something silly.

Thanks so much to Nick De Augustine for converting his gif into a video file. :D

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I compiled 5 shots of firetricks. If necessary I can send RAW files in 60fps  720p


Music in this video written by my friend

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This is my first animation on hitRECord, I know it leaves a lot to be desired, but here it is as it is now. I can't wait to make more! Each time I "mess up" I learn a little bit more about how to do what I'm trying to do, so that's cool. Thanks to MaxwellMudd for invaluable technical support and moral encouragement. Thanks to Saintmaker for the words and Spaceship for the voice and thanks to all of you for taking a look at my humble attempt here. Love.

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Musical short film about dreams, love and death.

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This is for cerebis's cool collab, which I think everybody should contribute to. Let's see a variety of normal people with dork thoughts hidden deep inside!

There are 5 takes here, and for some silly reason they don't vary too much. I was really hoping I'd do something more interesting with this. I'll try to do it at work though, we'll see how it turns out :)

PS: My neck gets the weirdest wrinkles when tilted at a particular angle... sadly, that the angle you're witnessing in some takes. What can I do, I just have too much skin for my own good :P

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So here are three stories about ways that both students as well as teachers have broken school rules.


Sorry for it being so long. I already cut out a few "eeeeehmm" sections and unnecessary blabber.


the testimonial about my affinity for the English language 

a request for an animation/short film about German students

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