If my cat was suddenly big as a horse,

She'd kill me for fun and she'd play with my corpse.I'd have no chance with a Pishkin that size,She'd tear out my entrails and claw out my eyes.She'd eat the raw meat that she deemed to be best,the legs and the arms and the ass and the chest.Then leave the rest somewhere to rot in the rain,The leftover bits of my tasty remains.I know her MO 'cause I've seen it with birds,and rodents and all creatures feathered and furred,spiders and moths, she murders them all.She'd kill me as well if I was that...
by DN0619 ago

K-Lyn Vergara has been a member of HR for over a year now, and although she hasn't put that many RECords up, those that she has are thought provoking and very good!

Check her out.

by JoeFed62 ago


Dark Matter here.

You can't see me?

That's because I'm dark...and I matter...hence, my name.

The reason I matter is that I'm pretty much what holds the universe together. And trust me, it ain't easy.

That matter you can see...baryonic matter...you know, common everyday, garden variety matter made up of baryons...you know, atoms of any old kind...only makes up 5% of the universe.

On the other hand, I make up 25% of the universe...so by my math, that makes me 5 times more important than ordinary matter.

What am Imade of? If I told you...

by saintmaker ago

I missed last week's Subscribe Saturday, so this will be my first one!

There are so many talented people in my Subscriptions list, but I had to start with Francisco Magalhães, he was the one that pushed me to register to Hitrecord, and since then it's been one of the most wonderful experiences.

He's actively working on the Shadow Caste collaboration in the past months. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check here!

You can and see some of my favorite drawings of his resourced.Also, see this recently made Noonday animation, *it's so cute...

by EvaSeven ago

regularfinn- brand spankin' new, but an excellent remixer at that. Love the remix of my song "Keeping me (in the dark)" and "as yet untitled 2" was featured in the first "Project Status Update" that was put out.

jakethehuman - Pretty new to HR also, but already has some wicked animations under his belt, including a couple features on the homepage. Check out his remixes of Tillycat's work as well as stuff for the "Fear of the Future" collab.

by LexiScherr ago

Yeah, I knew Danielle. Hell, I knew her pretty well. Then one day POW! Right to the moon.

Don't know how it happened though, so I asked this bus driver. Sure he was kind of macho, but I didn't accept his cherry pie ala mode. Anyway his car engine was cool so what would be the point. Anyway there was Danielle, on the moon mind you, and here I was, me on Earth and I though, hey doesn't she need oxygen or something.

This cow crossed the street and gave birth to a purple pidgeon, it's true. I think it could do it because it was a chocolate...

by Btranquil ago

It was a timewe spent looking for a brekout,

Gangs,bullies and

ya having fun it was all about.

we went for the concents and smoke the weed,

busted in the next day,

and got a pay for our deed.

by Anusha S V ago

You can dream as many dreams as you want

You can wish upon as many stars as you care

Break as many wishbones as you might

It will make no amount of difference to my plight

For my dreams are made to be broken

My wishes are meant to fall down

My bones will be the ones that get torn

I'll be the one to crumble to the ground

My tears will fall, but not be seen

My heart will break, but not be heard

I'll go to scream out, but not nothing comes

I'm one of those people in the shadows

I'm one of those people who just stare

I watch as life goes on around me


by Btranquil ago

What matters more

when nothing more matters,

is making each matter

matter more

than what mattered before.

by poeticon ago

The Essay (RE: The Future - Cold Open Idea)

This one may be a little heavy for the cold open but I thought I should put it out there anyway.


A gender ambiguous KID is standing in front of a big screen holding a tablet and wearing “futuristic” clothes.

The screen behind the kid reads “The 7th World War.”

The TEACHER is a face in a computer screen.


Go ahead.


(clears throat/looks at the tablet)

The 7th World War started on September 2nd 2234

and ended on the 15th of March of 2239. Within a year,


by Ines Reis ago

Where is the simple mind, that jumped and fell to pass the time.

Where is the simple boy, who reached and sang to clouds for joy.

Where is the simple love, that warmed from smile as stars light above....

by okama666 ago

I like to say, "Children are like diamonds: they're forever...they're just not worth as much."

by saintmaker ago
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