Hi everyone,

As we discussed in THIS VIDEO, we will be posting replies to the community's Profit Proposal feedback for each episode of HITRECORD ON TV. The community will then have one week to review our replies and include any additional feedback. After this additional round of feedback has concluded, we will post Final Profits. In some instances feedback was already replied to in the original threads or in separate text records.




Please provide any additional feedback on the replies below by Tuesday, April 15th - thanks!


> HITRECORD ON TV / RE: Space / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 1 / RE: Space / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

Dotunfolded: Hi, my name was included in the final credit under 'image records' for the opening monologue segment, but it is not reflected in this profit proposal. I suspect it might be for the few glimpses of this image used as the slideshow background in the live shoot. Could you please verify? Thanks!

-> @Dotunfolded: That’s right! This image record will be included in the Final Credits. Thanks!


themetafictionist: I also suggested the theme of space:

-> @themetafictionist: You’re absolutely correct! Your text record will be resourced in the Final Profits.


MindAtPeace: Can't believe I'll get a check. Everything looks alright to me.. No rush, but I'm just wondering - how long will it take for those to be sent out? Thanks!

-> @MindAtPeace: Hi, we released a Profits Update video here: Checks are on schedule to be released by June. Hope that helps clarify!


shannalyn85: 4:23 - My picture was used for Daniel Zolghadri's Profile Pic found here: (but was not credited in the Excel).

-> @shannalyn: You’re correct! That resource will be added in.


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 2 / RE: Space / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

fraeulein: Hey guys, you're so speedy! By the way, as far as I know, my overhead shot was also used in the spaces between video, but it's not credited in the profit proposal. According to this record, Kevin used it for the zoom out. Thanks!

debit72: It appears that my overhead visuals ( was missed ... just like fraulein, it was used in the overhead zoom out shot.

JenniWo: Hi, I have a similar comment to Fraeulein, I think you are missing Kevin Maistros' record so I think there are multiple resources for people that may be missing as a result. If someone wants me to, I can go through his resources and see which records (if any more) are missing this weekend. Please let me know if that will help you guys. For myself, I had 2 overhead shots that where used in his zoom out record that were not credited. I don't know if you need both resources for credit but they are and Thank you!

-> @fraeulein, @debit72, @JenniWo: These resources will be included. Thanks!


andyramone: Hi, I have a few comments regarding my contribution to The Spaces Between as I am mightly confused by how you have credited me. So, my understanding was that I would be credited for 2 specific contributions. One is the composition of the Audio Bridge in the song which Spaceship lifted from here And the second would be the instruments I played on the final recording of the song, which you have credited to my Stems record here already The problem I'm seeing here is only I have one credit via my Stems for 'Audio Bridge.' And that is under the instruments section. Now that suggests that you are crediting my with playing the instruments, but as I have no record under the white section, I am not being credited with composing the chords for the Audio Bridge, which to me is an entirely different thing. Throughout the collab, both Spaceship and JeffPeff credited my original Spaces Between record (1357512) that implied I was part of the composition of the song. Based on this, and that you have included Metaphorest's remix of my song in the composition section, and the fact me and Sarah have a credit under the 'Audio Bridge' on the TV show seperate to the audio contributions implies also that we should both be credited here as contributing to the composition. Therefore I feel that I should two separate credits for me. 1) Under the White Section for my record for composing the chords for the audio bridge 2) Under the Instruments section for my guitar stems. I hope that makes sense and you understand my POV. I hope that Spaceship, JeffPeff and Metaphorest will wade in with their thoughts, as I am very conscious that any amendment in my favour would alter their percentage.

-> @andyramone: Hi, thanks for the feedback. It was our intention to have you listed in the white section as “Audio Bridge.” However, we overlooked that and included you in the green and credited “Audio Bridge” to 1367121. This 1.03% was meant to include the other record, 1357512 (‘Melody needed’). For the Final Profits, we can move 1357512 to the white and add 13557512 to the green and transition some of the percentage of 1367121 to it, but both will total the 1.03%. Hope that helps clarify!


WarmOnion: Awesome :-D This is my first time being included in a profit proposal. I did notice though, that I'm credited for two clips in the spaces between video when I actually have three. The third one is used on the fast pan past at 01:45 and it's this record:

-> @WarmOnion: That additional record will be included in the Final Profits. Thanks!


HITRECORD ON TV / Act 3+4 / RE: Space / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

Marie Bee: Hi guys! I think Fraeulein should get a higher percentage for her role in the Act IV bumper. She came up with an idea, searched for footage (which wasn't contributed to any of the Space collaborations), and made a bumper. A resident editor used that idea and the only change in the final bumper was the font. 12% just seems a little bit low to me? Of course I believe the video resources should receive a fair percentage, but I think the time/effort/thought that goes into remixing a bumper is underestimated? Just my little thought on the subject. Thanks for listening. :)

-> @Marie Bee: Hi, we reviewed this bumper and we feel like it could stand to make slightly more. We would propose revising it to be 17.5% for the Final Profits.


Anais10: Hi there, I've seen in the episode that I've been credited in "The edge of space-Intro" and "The edge of space" but I don't see myself here on "The edge of Space-Intro" ? Thank you.

-> @Anais10: Hi, we double-checked the resources and the following will be added to the Final Profits: Thanks!


HITRECORD ON TV / PDF / RE: Space / Profit Proposals --- Profit Doc HERE

MC Mark: In the Spaces Between segment I was in an Overhead Shot on a green screen but I don't see myself credited. Thanks. MC Mark

-> @MC Mark: Your overhead resource will be added. Thanks!

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i've never been good at letting things go
at night i clench my jaw
teeth rubbing hoping to turn me into dust
it took me ten years to remember how to
let my shoulders release

i am stretched always between
past present and future
hands rushing to hold each one just
i want to answer perfectly
while never knowing the question
so i hold on
death grip knuckle white

but now, i see only questions at
this madness
no answer that's good enough for
all these tension headaches
all these scars and calluses
all these years of remembering

slowly out of this bad yin pose
i release, i release,
falling into my present humanity.

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"What you have here is a mistake."


"It's -- It's just that this is all wrong."

"How so?"

"Let me explain to you all the ways this is not a dog."


"See this flapper here?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Incorrect. Sould be on the other side. And this gizmo here? Wrong also."

"What about the top part?"

"Close, but you're just not seeing it very well."

"How about now?"

"Yes! I like what your're saying with this piece."

"The bendy bit?"

"No, the upper part."


"But I think you should just start all over again."

"What about her dog over there?"

"Now that's a nice looking dog. See how she sees the shape of that limb there?"

"Like this?"

"well, it won't be scootin' around like hers, but I think you're really getting it."


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The best is when

We are close

Breathing the same air

Eyes taking in the same light

Heart beats finding each other

Falling in step

And all the shy ways

We use to avoid something deeper


And what is left is

Being present to each other

The evidence is all in the eyes

Yours beholding mine

Beholding yours

And nothing else


That is the best.


[Poem Every Day - Day 14 - April 14, 2014]

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April 15, 2014 Prompt: Heat


 a rising tide hits me square in the jaw

i can't compete 

with the allure of her magnetism


she goes around like a waltz

an ease pervading the air about her

like it's coming off her skin

like she's doused in a perfume of power


her presence towers over me

pushing me to my meekness, huddling in a corner

even though i'm standing in the middle of the room


my face wrinkles with giddiness and insecurity

i look away

i want to kiss her and slap her

and hide her from everyone else

and never look at her again


 the blood in my veins breaks into my brain

creating the sweat that will ulitmately become my 

need to leave


because i can't compete with a woman

who smells like that

and if i can't win

i'll lose





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you're so easy to write.

you're tiny and fit between words easily

i'll stick you in the story between the bully and his redemption

or maybe with the lot of the villain's prisoners

or just in the middle of a busy highway.

i'll drag you across the pages

until you're ragged and raw 

i'll build your storyline up

then i'll knock you back down. 

you make it so easy

with your shallow character and predictable impulses

i'll write you in an hour

paste you inside in less

and then when i feel like it

(if i feel like it)

i'll delete you  

in no time at all. 

by chantal
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hearts shot out of cannons

colliding in midair

the crowd applauds

then goes home

we're still there

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There is comfort in similarity
There is beauty in difference
There is comfort in paragraphs
There is beauty in the pause
There is comfort in the lyrics
There is beauty in the bridge
There is comfort in patterns
There is beauty in the break

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When this is all over

We shall sit down, you and I

And laugh madly about it all

This nonsense called a life.


But we shan't, shall we

No because we will both be dead

And nothing now but home for the worms.



It is good to make plans

Involving your friends.

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"That which cannot be seen through a key hole or through an open door. Space is not only there for the eyes; it is not an image. It is for living."

El Lissitzky, The Hague, 1923

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I'm more connected to why I destroyed it rather then why I created it.


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PROLOGUE - Use the Prologue as a starting point. You can refer to the Storyboard Animatic if that is helpful.


- A GIRL and BOY play by the lake. The BOY slips and falls into the water. The GIRL waits, but her friend never resurfaces. 

- His body is never found. A memorial is held around an empty grave. But the GIRL knows her friend is still out there somewhere…

- She resolves to go and find him. She builds a mechanical whale.

- One night she slips out of her bed, and down to the water. Her mother realises she's missing, but it's too late. The GIRL and her whale plunge into the lake...



MAIN UNDERWATER SECTION - use the visuals in the curated album to inspire the story.

Break it down into story beats, scenes, or even a shot list. This will help direct the illustrators and animators as they bring it to life.

What happens underwater is up for grabs. Think about the questions raised in the prologue - What does she find underwater? What has happened to the boy? Can he be saved? How does our story resolve?


The GIRL is searching for the BOY. This is her motivation throughout the piece, and the answer to this question will give us our resolution. 

The story could include:

A moment of discovery - This could be the reveal of other missing sons and daughters. It could be the discovery of a mechanical world of sea creatures. It could be a revelation concerning the boy. It could be as simple as her finding the world that exists down there - but break it down and tell us how she makes that discovery.

An obstacle - Maybe she’s avoiding real sea creatures? Maybe the boy is trapped somewhere? Maybe she can’t find him? Maybe her whale starts to fall apart? Put something in the way of her acheiving her goal, and tell us how she overcomes it.

Resolution - how does the story end? The question of the BOY must be answered and the story must resolve. Either she find him or she doesn’t. And if not, then why not?

If she finds him, do they return safely to the shore? Do they stay underwater with the missing sons and daughters? Was it all a fantasy of a grieving mother?



Start with the prologue, take us on a journey, and resolve the story somehow. The visual contributions to this collaboration are excellent, so let them inform your writing.


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