Then one day she realized... she was only a reflection of herself

NUMBER TWO AS IN COUPLE - ON CLOUD NINE - being very happy or in love.

The number nine goes back to the Christian concept of the Trinity: 3x3=9. Clouds were said to have layers, and the highest layer was number 9. When someone was very happy, they were said to be soaring in the clouds. It was assumed they were on the highest cloud, number 9.

I moved yesterday, and came across a heart shaped box I've kept (and forgot about) full of every single note I've ever received from my friends in middle and high school. Most of them are from my best friend during that period of my life, Sarah. Finding them and curating for School Rules this morning inspired me to write this.

One day, in my 8th grade German class with Frau Goepel, Sarah and I had been passing notes. I think it's safe to say that note passing is a no-no in most classes, and a universal school rule, but Sarah and I did...

by Marie Bee ago

FUTURE - ITINERARY - a guidebook for traveling, or a proposed route of travel or established line of travel.

The word comes from Latin word “itinerarium” which means “of a journey or of a road”.

FUTURE - CLAIRVOYANT - an ability to see future events, also called “the sixth sense”.

The word comes from late 17th century. French origin ‘clair’-clear and ‘voir’- to see.


There are no windows, not even the heavy steel door has window. Every corner of the room is cloaked in darkness; a steady blinking red light is seen in every upper corner of the room. In, what appears to be, the center of the room is a single table and two chairs; a harsh dusty yellow/white light shines down, illuminatiing one chair more than the other. The heavy steel doors opens.


forcing the suspect into the roomHe's all yours.

The heavy steel door closes behind suspect.


Who are you and what do you do?

I am Máirín (the Irish spelling of Maureen) and I look after my three kids fulltime. BC (Before Children) I mainly worked as a script supervisor in film and tv, but had lots of other jobs in television and radio (low, low-level jobs!!) and lots of temping work inbetween to pay the bills. You can trust me to man the reception desk.

What's the origin of your artist name?

I would have used my real name but there was already a Mairin on here. And I remembered a DP on a new film who couldn’t remember my name...

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FIRE - GO THROUGH FIRE AND WATER - go through danger or difficulties to achieve something.

The origin is Middle Ages in England, when trials were cruel and barbaric. There was a legal method of trial then, called the ‘ordeal of fire’ and ‘ordeal of water’, by which people were tried. It was used in criminal cases, but also to get rid of anyone unwanted.

They believed that God would not let innocents die, and that God would protect someone falsely accused, like he did for Daniel in the lions den.

There were two kinds of trial, and it took...

Hey you,

What can I say? I think you’ll like how we turn out. I know I do.

And, for fuck sake, just tell him, okay?



P.S. I’m sorry for writing this in English. You’ll know why in a few years.

by Ines Reis ago

I just unfriended my parents on Facebook to feel closer to all the orphans in the world.

this'll only take a moment of your time.

today is a special day for me + hr.

so this is a thanks to all of you.

thanks for taking the time to read my words, offer valuable insights and thoughtful criticisms. thank you for all the >:), ;), :0), (:, ^___^, :D, and <3's.

your sympathies during hard times over the last year were not unexpected but overwhleming in their kindness and love and there is no real way to repay that kind of generosity, or even aptly acknowledge it. so i hope you guys know your thoughtfulness has not gone...

by tootwofoursquare ago

dear kidlet,

don't be afraid of saying yes.

don't be ashamed of saying no.

when you think you've gone far enough - go farther. go further.

and don't forget tostand up straight.



by tootwofoursquare ago
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