Video to follow in a few days.

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Little bit of a hook. An outro. A whole 'lotta reverrrrrrrb.  

Super fulfulling. Haha!

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Here's the track to play to...I've included a four count before the start in case that's helpful : )

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me recording at home, makin' music. lovin' life :)
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Tiny song for "Time" backwards/forwards poem by skatebard.

Had the piano track ready for some time, just not the guts to record vocals. Singing solo is not easy for me, so if someone would like to sing over I can upload stems!

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I've been thinking of recording vocals for some time now, not sure how these came out for the first try, but felt like sharing it. Sorry for the engrish!

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I wrote this piece for Harpsichod (recorded directly from my digital piano) and Recorder (via software). You may find odd that the Recorder track is not a tempo with the Harpsichord one, but it was intentional.

Chords are: Bm, Em, Dm & Am.

Tried to follow jeffpeff's suggestions, and did rough test on the timing synch with the video, everything seemed fine.

Individual tracks HERE.

Had a great time doing this, think I'll do other sections for this collab! :)

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First Record!

This was the first piece I ever wrote for piano. Sounds a tad gloomy, back then I was mourning for someone who actually made a difference in my life. Couldn't come up with an appropriate name, nothing seemed to suit it... So I left it Untitled.

If someone would like to use it, or some sections, I'll gladly share the music score!

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So this is something Pasiv and I have been working on - I sent him a vocal track that needed some magic, he provided said magic times a million and here is the result!

(Will upload separate vocals too)

I've got a letter in my head for you I'm sick and tired of playing dead for you I've gotta come back, I've gotta come back to life Turn the clocks back, turn the clocks back, I'm alright My lips are frozen and my hands are numb The cracks are showing but I'm playing dumb I've got jump off, I've gotta let go this lie Let the truth out, let the truth out or let it die

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I've decided to release some of my official TLD instrumentals to hR as I feel that they could create some great moods for films/animations/etc. This one is from my 2010 LP, When Elephants In The Room Dance With Skeletons In The Closet. REmix away!! Stems unfortunately unavailable as I don't have the master tracks.



Part I

He strolls into the scene, his mind on this or that.

She glides carelessly into the scene, soaking in the sunlight of Spring.

He sees her. His heart pounds.

She sees him and nods politely, but her mind is fixed on the glorious park atmosphere.

He dares an approach, his walk uncharacteristically (and awkwardly) suave.

She sees him coming and is standoffish. Though there is a certain something about this one...

He follows as she turns to walk the other way, and is just about to say hello when he trips over a rock.

She laughs and warms up a bit. She extends her hand to help him up.


He imagines the two of them dancing in the park. The other people melt away.

Part II

He initiates conversation, nervous at first.

She, acutely aware of his nerves, makes a risqué comment.

He sputters for a moment (she giggles), but continues on, parrying her remark with one just as gutsy.

She is impressed. Maybe this one is different after all.

He proposes a date.

She flirtatiously lists reasons why she wouldn't be able.

He pursues the proposal. He must see her again.

She thinks for a moment, then answers simply with a kiss.


He imagines the two of them dancing on a balcony under the moonlight. The world melts away.

"Au revoir!"


Listen to the "sequel" track here.

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basically various well placed sounds of my own creation enjoy 

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