Another short loop experiment, this time about the loops of everyday life, about some of those meaningless and still so important little patterns and questions I find myself repeating day after day. Again, everything you hear is loopable, and I'll upload the stems first thing tomorrow for remixing purposes! :)


Enjoy!! <3



1. "Wake up, drink a cup of coffee, spend a day doing what you do, and go to sleep again"

2. "I wish I had a cappuccino machine, basic coffeemaker isn't good enough for me!"

3. "Should I run? I could still catch that bus! No wait, it just left, I guess I'll be late again"

4. "Ohh, I'm so hungry, I would love to make some dinner, but I'm so damn tired I guess I'll just order some pizza"

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I read this poem to my daughter. We both felt incredibly calm after. I decided to do VO using the same tone of the voice like earlier when reciting to Amelie. I'm aware of my strong accent, but I couldn't resist.


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FEATURED BY: Krrr (AUDIO CURATOR) on 10/24/12 I've been listening to this a lot. I think this is just a wonderful setting of CaptClare's words. Once the chorus come in I'm really feeling a back-beat shuffle (à la Ryan Adams & The Cardinals), banjo, pedal/lap steel, etc.  I also think its a great addition to the Road collab. I could easily see a video put to this. I picture driving through the countryside, or something to that effect. (I Am 1954, stems please???)

Stems Here:


took CaptClare's words and made this song with them. I hope you enjoy what ive made with it :)


If anyone wants to add instruments or vocals, that would be awesome!


*This is my first song back after oral surgery.. and damn does it feel good to be back :)

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I've been busy. Today I cut the grass, got sun burned and tuned my guitar.

And so I made this tiny tune.  


Didn't clean up the track much... lots of reverb but, ah well.  I'm just a bit re-verb in the head lately...or sun stroked...stricken...struck...





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i promised wirrow i'd let him hear one of my favorite songs of his on the piano, so here it is ^_^

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I added some knee slaps, and a floor tom:  Tuned it down really low and hit it with a soft mallet, mic'd up really close to catch all the bottom end.  It almost works like a bass.  But there's plenty of room for bass still...And someone ought to add one! : )

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here is Sunday Sun Song. Hope you like it.

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Reading of the poem "A Herbert & an Isle" by poeticon

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Whatever, I cried. But only hours after. So it's not really a big deal. 



"Here, it comes along

and burns our skin

to keep us warm


Here, we are alone

and talking slowly, between us


Here, it comes again

and burns our eyes


Show us where to go

and we will follow you down

follow you down

follow you down"

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I'll be honest, I'm not very good at using social media (I don't have instagram or tumblr, rarely go to facebook, never got the hang of twitter and haven't got a clue what reddit is), but I'm very fascinated by this world and the affect it has on people. It for sure brings people closer to each other by giving the possibility to share your life with people from near and far in a second. No matter what the distance, all your friends can be a part of your life and you can be a part of theirs. But if someone shares his food, face, body, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears, everything with these 500-1000 facebook friends, I can't help but ask, is anything private anymore? Where does the line go between too much and just enough? What is the affect of having practically no privacy? I'm also fascinated by the fact that strangely while bringing people closer to each other than ever before, social media might also pull some people away from each other. Instead of a phone call or an invite for a dinner, one might just settle for commenting on a picture or liking a status. It's super interesting and (to me at least) in some ways a bit scary too, like how far are we willing to go with this?

So because music is how I function, I wrote this silly song about the subject. And now I just found a theme suggestion RE: Privacy, so why not upload it here! To be honest I just realized I haven't uploaded anything here in three months (been super busy studying, aaand going to graduate this spring!!!), so it's about time to get back on RECording, I'm super happy to share this one with you guys!! Feel free to REmix, play along, sing along, and of course,

Enjoy <3


Some might call it a cage

But I call them blind who just can’t see

That here the world is my stage

I am the king, everyone likes and follows me


Yeah haters, you can wipe away the frown

I only log in to this world because I care

So lights off, curtains down

Can’t you see I’m trying to interact and share?


No you don’t need to call

Just check my status and you know how do I do

No I don’t need a hug,

Just like my profile pic and I will like you


What is privacy?

What do you mean?

Of course everybody needs to know

All about my weirdest sex dreams


I must share my lasagna

On twitter tumblr instagram & facebook




Yes sir, they all truly give a shit

About my mood, location, and outfit of the day

I mean how could we live without it?

It adds so much meaning in many ways!


What is privacy?

What do you mean

I shouldn’t share a picture of

My grandpa’s corps and me?


My existance

Would not be complete without the screen

But I don’t know the true distance

That’s in between of everyone and me


That shit about ”personal space”

Is old fashioned these days, my silly dear

So come up to my face

Come so close that you can see the pixels clear


What is privacy what do you mean

There should be secrets we can keep

I do not know what all this means

Just let me communicate in peace,

It’s the only way I know,

Oh please…

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