Just the start of an idea for a RE: SCHOOL song :)

180 BPM


Sit down, don't look, don't turn around
Eyes front, keep both feet on the ground
Mouth shut, don't speak, don't make a sound
Begin, the time starts now

Six hours, glued to a desk
Don't doubt, teacher knows best
No questions 'til after the test
Blend in, behave like all the rest

Standardized tests for standardized minds
Prepare for a future, the standardized kind
Standardized jobs in a standardized world
Get ready boys and girls

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I released this song last year, uploading it now because I think it ties in nicely with the future theme. Evolution happens on such a massive time-scale, we don't really notice that it's ongoing. So... what do we evolve into next? Don't ask me, I'm no genius geneticist. Ask my DNA, it probably knows more than I do.


In my DNA and in yours too / There's a code for everything we do / Whether you evolve is up to you.

Some necessities can mother us / if we prove we're inventive enough / life's a challenge to be taken up.

Adaptations stem from our desires / reaching, ever reaching, ever higher / Growing just as tall as we require

We mutate into whatever works / whatever can survive on this earth / sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth

I'm no genius geneticist / I'm just lucky enough to exist / consisting of all that we consist.

by DN0619
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I'm pretending to be a little matchstick thanks to Miss Saffron Lily requesting me to give a vo reading for this lovely little story<3

Girl if you need more, please let me know. I love this story and had fun. Ps. I cant wait to see what Spun does with this! xo

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Hi!  Today is my first day on site! :-) I have written a verse to contribute to "The Veil of Night" Collaboration:

Shadows strangle the life from the day

Shows no mercy when it claims its prey

Resurrecting the voices hidden in the soul

That dare not speak in daylight

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Added classical guitar, piano, percussion, acoustic bass, reed organ, glockenspiel, Mellotron, and Minimoog to eaneikciv's awesome remix of LauraD's "Quality Control". <3

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my first record!

pretty simple song structure, verse/ chorus/ verse/ chorus/ short bridge and chorus...

would really love it if any hitrecorders out there add a title, lyrics, vocals, and additional instruments

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Another electronic track. Kinda dancey. Looking for vocals if anyones interested. 

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This is a remix of the gorgeous poem by ayumix01 that kouralily showed me yesterday. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Mari! <3

by iamemma
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outside my door theres a green watering can
I dont know if its being used I'd like to think I can

so I will ask someone who knows about
this watering can
Then I'll know all the secrets that it has

outside my door theres a green watering can
I wonder if it has a name I will call it joanne

and I will bathe in water
this watering can
so that it can be used to water plants

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This piece is inspired by Lawrie Brewster's illustration Joe VS the Copyright Bots. You can see it here; . Originally, I wanted to score a battle scene, but it turned out to be a pre-battle theme. Maybe for both sides? You tell me... 

I added LizRECord's blackbook illustration, because a similar image was also in my head at some point writing the piece... it came in toward the end. 

by ozie
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Audio_icon's an orchestral suite of musical themes inspired by several images form the Shadow Caste collaboration. I will reference them and perhaps you can tell which goes with which. This was a lot of fun, to make this... looking forward to dong more. 

....there's one record I can't find, the one about Umbreo. But yeah... that idea inspired the last movement especially. 

by ozie
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