Here is the complete PSD scene introducing Tom. There are two folders in the file, Prom Scene and the Dr. Who scene.

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My minimalist accompaniment to dragonflyqueen8's excellent VO of Mrgregariously's eerily comic poem. 

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While reorganizing the house last week, I found the toothpaste that we bought for our cats. It’s malt flavored. And I thought, who determined that cats like the taste of malt? Shouldn’t it be chicken flavored? Or perhaps ass flavored?

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I read mrfelixding's story for Timothy Dark and thought it was brilliant. So i've been working with Dead Kiriyama to storyboard it and he will soon be making a little animated version of it from drawings I have produced.

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So many remixes already, but i love this sing too much not to try . The vibe is soooo darkly pretty , and i kept completely to that. minimal add-ons ... sorry if theres nothing new here

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I've been meaning to finish this for a while now, I just had to bug Jabberwock to finish her illustrations (i'll force her to upload the images soon, she's rubbish at doing it on her own). So, anyway, here's my first edit of our Timothy Dark Loves Puppies animation. Obviously I could go on tweaking and adjusting this forever, so I wanted to just get it out there. Any feedback would be muchly appreciated, as would any music and/or sound design to flesh it out.

If anybody wants the unedited footage or the numberous (and pretty messy) After Effects files just let me know and i'll try to get them uploaded.

I hope y'all enjoy this.

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Listened to Madrond101 new record Implementation and I just new I had to add vocals to this little pearl!

So, I used FiddlySticks' A Less Coffee Drenched Future poem as lyrics and added a few lines to unite everything together. Hope you like it! It's a little low for my normal voice tone, but I think I pulled it off :)

Stems coming later!



In between empty seats

And coffee stained sheets

Are spectres of longing looks

Passing smiles


I am bound again, to the shadows of my mistakes

I'm bound again, to the shadows of my mistakes

And when night comes, they'll all be gone


Opened windows and closed hearts

All that once was

So goodbyes are what I choose instead

Better off now


I am bound again, to the shadows of my mistakes

I'm bound again, to the shadows of my mistakes

And when night comes, they'll all be gone

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Apparently, people in the future will be looking at rainbows and pink moons while riding in spaceships (with cupholders!) wearing fur coats. I think I'll pass on the food.




*Please excuse the occasional commentary from my husband in the background-I don't know how to edit.

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new instrumentation.  I may do one more version.  

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(A few minor tweaks. Also cut one stanza at the start and added a new one at the end, taking into account some comments on the pervious version.)

Like a bird without wings
Or a dog with no bark
Life's tough for a dragon
Without a spark

While others breathe fire
With maddening ease
Poor Russell's best shot
Is a sad little wheeze

See, this odd-one-out
Is a breather of ice
And his being unusual
Comes at a price

He watches his sisters
Puff great plumes of flame
And hangs his malfunctioning
Head in shame

How he longs to take part
When they go out to raze
Hamlets, castles and huts
And set buildings ablaze

But he's not like the others
And never will be
So who then, thought Russell
to himself, was he?

Could he join with the birds
Since he knew how to fly?
Or live with the lizards
And give up the sky?

Or should he be something
Entirely new?
Now there was a thought -
But what could he do?

Then he dreamed up a notion
That scared him a lot
But it was by far
The best answer he'd got

When his flame-breathing peers
Lit fires all about
This frosty-breathed fellow
Would put the fires out!

Although he would surely
Be cast from his kin
The humans he saved
Would no doubt take him in

Among them, he'd live
As a hero of sorts
Although not much alike
He hoped they'd be good sports

So he packed up his things
And set course for a cave
From whence he could watch out
For people to save

Very soon, the day came
That his help was required
A quaint little village
Had been set on fire

He huffed and he puffed
And he soon quenched the flames
Then awaited the gratitude
Glory and fame

But none was forthcoming
In fact, he was shocked
To be dodging their arrows
And insults and rocks!

He'd never imagined
They'd bear such a grudge
When it came to dragons
They just wouldn't budge

No matter his efforts
To clear his bad name
They insisted that dragons
Were all the same

Poor Russell, dejected
Spent six months in bed
Then made a life building
Ice sculptures instead

Oh sure, he'd still put out
A village or two
Because it was simply
The right thing to do

But, as some beasts lit fires
And others were fried
This ice-breathing dragon
Was self-satisfied

Having learned not to live
To please everyone else
And aspiring instead
To be pleased with himself

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hitRECord: somewhere between Reality and Imagination.


Record number 200 :-)


Realmagination Album here 

by Mantia
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