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Scene 1

We are following a man (A, B and C).

A, B, C: Walking down a busy street

Man A, Man B, Man C: Looks up to see a massive flock of birds circling overheaad.

Man A smiles and keeps walking.

Man B gets out his phone and angles to take a photo.

Man C stares and gets poo’ed on by one of the birds. He reacts and then ducks into a nearby store to get cleaned up.

Scene 2

Man A arrives at an office building for a job interview. We see him shaking hands with his interviewer and sit down at a conference table, straightening his tie.

Man B is rushing down the street. He jogs into the office building and narrowly squeezes into the elevator before the doors shut.

Man C is still trying to clean his suit jacket while rushing, quite in a hurry. He runs into the building just as the elevator doors shut. He slams his hand against them, and then bursts through the door that leads to the stairs.

Scene 3

Man A has concluded his interview, and is shaking hands with his interviewer. He makes to leave and is smiling. When he gets to the elevator, he gives a mini-fist pump of celebration.

Man B is in the middle of his interview, but is trying to be nonchalant about wiping the sweat from his brow. He looks rather uncomfortable. The interviewer appears to be unimpressed with him.

Man C runs in to the lobby, sweating profusely. The receptionist shakes her head. Disappointed, he punches the button to call the elevator. The door opens and there is a beautiful woman inside. Their eyes meet…

Scene 4

1 month later….

Man A is in the building as before. He is sitting at a desk in a cubicle with papers piled around him. His hair is dishevelled and he’s rubbing his forehead. He looks rather unhappy.

Man B is creeping through a wooded forest holding a professional looking camera and carrying a pack on his back. He sees something, crouches and takes a photo of a brilliantly coloured bird. He smiles. He knows he got the shot.

Man C is lying in a tangle of sheets as the morning sun pours through his window. As he sits up in bed, we see he is lying next to the beautiful woman, who is still asleep. He strokes her hair once, smiles and rises from the bed.


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lame vhs
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by mushr
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Follow me up on the tumblr thing and I'll draw one for you too!




by rewfoe
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I spit lyrical napalm
Combusting lighter fluidity
P. Diddity can't hold a candle
To my fierce delivery
Fire in the hole
It's out of control
Like positions of the poles
Of the sun rolling round, I go
Flaming, burning like
A barrel to a transient layman
Trying to keep warm in a world that's frozen
You can't put me out, I still keep going
I hope I find a homefire I can lay my soles in
I'm so hot, but I'm also flame retardant
I wanna grow habanero peppers in a garden
I'm spraying rhymes like a fire hose
I'm a picnic fireant bitin' 'tween your toes 

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Photo of my painting:  The Root Tree

by 13dmd13
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Timothy's class goes on a field trip to the museum.  As they are walking to the museum, they pass an old, scary cemetery with tall, dark iron gates.

A girl in the class shouts, "Eww, look, it's dead people."

"They really aren't that bad, actually," says Timothy.  "You just have to get to know them first."

The class is stunned.  They all walk away disturbed and horrified.  

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GIF turned out kinda jittery... :(

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VANISHING POINT is this week's theme for The RECordographic Lens Project. Let's get infinite! If you are not familiar with the term vanishing point, check out this wiki page and this article for examples.

Please read all of the details on the collaboration page before contributing, and submit your photo by Sunday afternoon, July 27th. Only one brand NEW photo per week, please! This is a weekly assignment, not a place to recycle old photographs. :)

Collab Page

Thanks to everyone who participated this week, and welcome to the many new RECorders who have joined the site this past week! Here is the album featuring contributions to last week's theme, ANYTHING

If you have any theme suggestions that come to mind this week, please leave a comment on this record! I'll add them to my list of future theme ideas if it's a good fit.

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by Braden
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