Some initial thoughts based on RegularJOE's suggestion of a serialized story set in the future...

SETTING: one hundred years in the future a 16 year old indie girl decides today is the day she is going to ask out the person she fancies.

This is obviously a very common theme played out time and time again, Twilight being the most popular recent example. I think in an optimistic future it would be cool to have a girl fancying a girl without any mention or reference whatsoever to it being 'different' or 'not normal'. A girl fancies a girl and that's that.

I think start with the girl at home getting ready for school. We hear her as the narrator so while we see all this cool future tech stuff as she gets ready (house robots, iPhone247, etc.) what we hear is her discussing a problem that is timeless and making no reference to future stuff.

Then she arrives at school and, as is usual in these stories, there are the cool kids and the outsiders. The girl is an outsider, an indie kid and has her little group of friends who look at the popular kids with disdain.

How are the popular kids different? I think over 100 years genetics would have advanced to the stage where boys and girls at younger and younger ages are getting gene therapy to make them look more and more 'perfect' to the extent that they almost look like clones of each other.

The indie kids rebel against this - they stay natural and genetically unaltered - and so come in all shapes and sizes rather than the 'optimum design' that the popular kids all go for.

Then the girl goes in her first lesson which is where her love interest is (maybe they have to sit next to each other like Edward and Bella).

What is High School like 100 years in the future? I think it would be a glorified creche. The adults still need to work - or have their leisure time if robots do everything - but in the future you wouldn't need to remember facts and computers would be so much better at problem solving than us. I think lots of sports to burn off excess energy.

Maybe this first lesson is some sport (all the lessons today are sport but again the characters don't mention this, it's just the way it is.)

Okay, so the girl gets talking to her love interest and either it goes well or, more likely, cringe-worthily badly.

So on the way home the girl, as narrator, berates herself for being so stupid. She has to stop off and visit her Granddad who is 150 and lives in a home.

How are Old Folks Homes different 100 years into the future? Well I think, what with advances in medicine combined with an ever-decreasing birthrate, there is going to be a massive number of very elderly people with not a lot of younger people to look after them.

I imagine a massive modern facility with rows of thousands of old people fed and managed by robots. It's not sinister, it's made to look nice and everything but there's something fundamentally tragic about it. Again, it's not mentioned, it's just the way it is.

And this old grandparent could be the one anchor to the old world, 100 years ago, our present day. And the girl could enjoy listening to his stories of the olden days...

Okay, these are just initial thoughts I wanted to get down quick. What are everyone else's ideas?

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My idle hand scoops out an apple chunk

from my glass of Pimms and pops it into my mouth.

I've been here before - the sun singing at

the kitchen window over the sink,

friends congregated happily

over plates long-empty,

our voices rising over

the sounds of seagulls,


infectious laughter that

builds and grows and dies

then starts again

in waves, as we build up a joke

brick by brick like a house - 

none of us take ourselves too seriously


but this is serious,

serious and fierce and warm,

and in this collision of people,

this well-oiled machine of

arms reaching over to fill up

each other's glasses

to share good food

to pick an eyelash of a cheek

or brush fluff out of another's hair

i realise, in all this,

that there is a part of myself

i've not been letting out

the honest part

the vunerable part

the one i miss and pride myself on simultaneously

it's in me still, drowning in the insecurities

i once learned to ignore.

by tori
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SHOT #4 - Why there are homes for gnomes and forts for fairies - yes indeed!


This gnome is riding his snail back home.

Thanks to CaptClare for the cute snail and bloemday for the background.

(animated gif)

png of the gnome on the snail separately.


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by Mr Ben
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I read this poem to my daughter. We both felt incredibly calm after. I decided to do VO using the same tone of the voice like earlier when reciting to Amelie. I'm aware of my strong accent, but I couldn't resist.


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Here is a link to a layered .psd file. The window area is transparent so you can drop anything you want onto a layer behind it. i've also included an extra version of the tile wall without any of the lighting effects. Have fun!

by artanon
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The wolf never stood a chance.

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No.36: Conceptual Self Portrait

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