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Patient Zero Makeup
vivid-and-trivial Released 2 hours ago

I got a pair of screen white contact lens and when I put them in it screamed Patient Zero to me, so I went with it. Mask is from a five pack from the dollar store, I painted it and applied it to my face with spirit gum (the string was removed).  Skin effect is with liquid latex and then painted. A little dab of fake blood by the inside of my eye corners. Hair is lightened with an iridescent powder. 

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UV Alien Makeup
vivid-and-trivial Released 2 hours ago

A fun UV Makeup, splattering done with a toothbrush (pulling back the bristols and it flings the makeup in a splatter pattern!)

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They say you never realize how much you truly value your life until you find yourself behind a convenience store beaten bloody with the business end of a pistol in your mouth. And that's exactly the situation I was in on the evening the world was supposed to end.

Really, the world wasn't going to end that day nor anytime in the forseeable future; but much like the Y2K scare a little more than a decade before, the Mayan prophecy had people nervous, and nervous people do foolish things. Especially in a small town like Marshall Valley, where 2012 wasn't a bogeyman, but an honest-to-God fact. The boring lull in their lives is so taxing they are desperate to find something to cling on to, anything to make living seemingly interesting.

There is no reasoning with them - they are completely...

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Ninja Cat (Play Along Week2)
iamemma Released Oct 13, 2014

So... I have been wanting to REmix this adorable poem by SAM-urai for a million years now (to the day) and this week's play along was the perfect chance to do a fun version of it!

I altered the poem a little to make it easier to sing.  Here are the lyrics:

Ninja Cat runs so fast, you barely hear his paws
swipes faster than your blinking eyes, you never see his claws
And when he dons his ninja band, that's when he's most deadly
Things get really out of hand, so I warn you please be ready
He turns into a cuddle monster, don't take chances and watch out!
You forget that he's a ninja, because he wants to hug it out
Yes cuddling is what he does best, in the crook of someone's arm
That's his favourite snuggle spot, because it feels so warm
Look into his eyes...NO! Don't do it! Please don't sway!
His legs and paws are poised to jump...Please just look away!
Come closer my friend...I need a hug...Come closer, my friend
Just let me snuggle close to you, trust me I won't bite.
Why do we ninja cats give people such a fright?
I just want a little love, just a litte bit I swear
My ninja skills are much too scary, it really isn't fair

Dear reader I warned you but my words you did not heed
Now you are a snuggle slave, fulfilling every need
I must leave you now, so sorry. My sympathies for your bad luck
I cannot look him in the eye. Oh crap, he jumped! Now I'm stuck.

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I Love Happy Endings (v2)
Krrr Released Apr 15, 2014
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New Worlds
xonk Released Aug 18, 2013

...and I witnessed all around me the threading of new worlds.

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