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10th grade - 1986-87

I don't even want to talk about what I did to my hair here.

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The answer to a question contains a repetition of the verb, either with or without a negative particle. For analytic forms, only the verb is given and the subject is not repeated (Wikipedia). 

So if you ask the question "Does language affect our culture?" the answer would be "Dhéanann." which means "Does".

Even when speaking English, most Irish people shy away from simple Yes or (especially) No answers. Answering with a simple No is considered very rude.  

I think the lack of these words is one of the reasons why Irish people are considered to be so very polite and friendly.


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Clearly morning.


I'm getting a deer in the headlights vibe.

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working on character designs for the the two lead characters from my script Field Tripping. These two are Francesca and Jake, the two grad students on the eponymous field trip for a research project which takes them to an isolated desert that may be even farther away from home (ours or theirs) than it seems. Read the script here . For various reasons that become clear as you read it, it will probably work better for animation than for live action, but I do think it could be great for future. Could maybe work for school, too, they are students on a field trip, after all.


With or with out hitrecord, I think I want to make this my next personal project :). 

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One night, I was hanging out at the club with my wingman. I was looking fly, in my new kicks. Really rocking a little black dress. This club was the bomb.


Me and my girls were getting low. The DJ was off the hook that night. I was like, "Yeah, that's my jam!"


That's when I saw him from across the room. He was on his Bluetooth. Boy, was he hot - real eye candy. He was chilling with his homies. Some chick was all up on him. I got the 411 and found out that she was his ex boo.


She started giving me hard looks. It made me tight. So I flipped her the bird.


He was checking me out. Then he asked, "What's up, Shorty?"


I said, "Hey, Slim."


We hit the floor and got down with our bad selves for a while. Then I decided it was time to bounce. I gave him my digits before I left, and told him to holla at me sometime. He wanted to keep it on the DL.


I rolled out in my hot whip and decided to crash at my homie's crib.


That night, Slim kept blowing up my phone. I knew then that it was in the bag. We decided we should hook up. But, something about it gave me bad vibes.


I rolled over to his hood.


But when I got there, I was in for a surprise. He was with his baby mama. And when she saw me, she started bugging. She was really talking smack. She told me I was a ho. I told her to talk to the hand.


Man, he really stepped on his crank this time.


The whole thing was so funny, I busted a gut. Hey, the sun can't shine on the same dog's ass every day!





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"Skinny Bitch" song with lead vocal (female) and harmonies.

Acoustic + electric guitar also. Guitar playing is kind of sloppy, but I like that vibe. The song needs some angst.


Lyrics here:

Pretty girl, I've got a question for you

I hope you don't think it's rude, but what's it like without food?

And when we hit the clubs downtown, for you there's no waiting around.

You get right in through the front door, but it's not like I keep score.

Skinny bitch, you're a skinny bitch, skinny bitch.

And when we celebrate you, my birthday present just for you:

To have my cake and eat yours too; I'd sacrifice for you.

Just gimme all your food, gimme some steak and cookies too.

You've got a workout to get too, and I'll enjoy them more than you.

Skinny bitch, you're a skinny bitch, skinny bitch.

But in spite of my kindness, I wanna kick you in the head.

I could eat you for breakfast, but I would probably need seconds.

And when youre in Pilates class, I will be sittin' on my sweet ass,

Cryin' in my Guinness, because I want to be you.....


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Y'all = you all

ain't = am not ( I ain't gonna do that)

thang = thing

yander = a direction "over yander")

tank = pond

var'mit = varmint

gonna = going to

fixins = side dishes 

pecan = if you ever say this and it sounds like "peecan" you automatically get banned from our state.

kicker = cowboy/cowgirl (school classification: jocks, nerds and all the other known "labels" as well - but this word was only used in schools never will you hear an adult say this to define a cowboy or cowgirl)

"Oh you poor thang" = You are an idiot.

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My yearbook picture 2004

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i did a little soul-searching. hope this helps someone out there... <3

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Thats my little bum on the far right. I clearly felt I needed some space for my wicked awesome stretch moves. This photo pretty much sums me up - I'll follow your lead but I'll do it my way, away from the crowd.

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