It’s been a year since we last spoke.
I’m so glad you contacted me a few days ago.
I missed your wisdom, I missed your laughter.
I had been trying to contact you the past few weeks my dear and precious friend.

I’m so glad you contacted me a few days ago.
We confided in each other Life’s problems and the burdens we had been experiencing.
It felt like the old times and there was no distance between us.

I’m so glad you contacted me a few days ago.
We disclosed and divulged each other’s Life’s struggles and the afflictions we had been experiencing.
In a trustworthy and dependable place.
It felt like the previous and preceding times.

I’m so glad you contacted me a few days ago.
We unburdened our hearts and we spoke in confidence and laughter.
From a responsible, honest and constant place.
And we promised each other we will meet again soon before the year is out.

I realised whilst speaking to you our friendship is long-standing, deep rooted and long- lasting.
And I will work long and hard to keep this friendship alive in my lifetime as a good friend is difficult and tough to find!

by Harp
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by rejjie
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She lifted the corner of her shadow, sneaked under it and quietly became a part of her

by ruso_m
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Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like giving her bunny ears.

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So every now and then I have a lucid dream, and most of the time it's pretty leisurely, no real motives, but this time I wanted to do something worthwhile, so I wrote a song in my sleep. When I woke up, I was sure that it was already a song, because it was so unfathomably vivid in my brain, so as soon as I woke up, I wrote down the sounds I'd used during the dream, and all the lyrics, and went straight to recording it. What I've come up with isn't exactly what I heard in my dream, but the feel is still there. I'm just excited to make more music in my dreams.

This is really nothing to do with the TV show, but I haven't uploaded anything in a month, and I felt inexplicably guilty.



I can't catch a break these days,

Will I ever feel myself around "ya",

What if I behave myself,

Can I get a moment just to wander,


What if I don't sleep well,

Do I ever know you'll really pull me through,

No, we can go another day,

Got myself together now I see you.

by joerud
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Three different pens + one piece of paper = this picture.

by McNair
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I tried to put my hand next to the giant moth to show how large it was. However, I guess because of the double panes of glass, it just didn't give the desired effect. This moth was huge.

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In which buses pass by a bus stop because no one sees the invisible family standing there waiting.


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It's survived once already; here's why I'd save it again...


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