BURNING dAN brightly embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as "the creative spirit." He was my chief collaborator on the foundational incarnations of hitRECord.org over the years and continues to inspire us ever the more. He would absolutely positively insist that we not let this bad news deter us on our collective mission. That said, I might not feel up to it for a little while.

Watching this community blossom into what it has become never ceased to amaze him and me. We would regularly marvel at it and high five....

by RegularJOE ago

If I read our story backwards, it’s about how I un-broke your heart, and then we were happy until one day you forgot about me forever.

I love happy endings.

by Blodnasir ago

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Joe. I try to put myself in other peoples' shoes.

2. What's the origin of your artist name?

I find power in regular repetition. And a lot of inspiration from rules and regulations, both followed and broken. Rob Brown first named me Regular Joe around four years ago because I eat a lot of vegetables.

3. What has been your biggest challenge with your art so far?

Being sufficiently selfish.

4. Who or what is your biggest influence?

Mama, papa, brotha

5. What is your wildest story?

Definitely this one.

6. What

by RegularJOE ago

And in this vast universe grew a boy.

And in this boy grew a vast universe.

My brother died three years ago today. And it still really hurts.

But dude, if he could see us now. In the home stretch of our first season making a TV show. This little thing we started together. Of course he was such an optimist, he wouldn't be surprised.

Hitting RECord always makes me feel close to him. So I wanna thank you guys for continuing to play. It really does help.

Thanks again <3


by RegularJOE ago

somewhere... live two stories

one of hevn, one of urth,

who awake to find they’re hugging

with no knowledge of their birth.

this embrace invokes a balance

the two stories have come one.

no more fear and no desire

nothing done to be undone. (cont..)

but suddenly there is an urge

that shakes their tranquil state.

longing to understand themselves

and thirsting to create,

hevn, out of nowhere

tells a story of its own

and urth, beguiled by newness

acts this story out alone.

so with a song and dance

a tiny story came to be

a star that lit their eyes up


by wirrow ago

“I thought you loved me.”

“I did. I do love you. It’s just that I’ve got to move on. We’ve come to the end.”

“Can’t you read me over again?”

“I could, but there’s another book I’m interested in.”

“There’s another book?! You’ve been looking at other books while reading me?”

“Not seriously, just skimming through the pages.”

“Skimming you say, and was it hard cover or paperback?”

“I don’t think that matters. It's neither, it's on a Kindle. Besides, you can’t judge a book by…”

“Don’t say it. A Kindle? Are you having a mid-life crisis? Where's the...

by Murker ago

you can't sleep?

me either.

let's can't sleep


The right shoe left,

knowing the left shoe was right.

by Joab Nevo ago
The saga continues.......Twas a shinybright earthspin, and the upover was a sheeny, cobaltic bluefest. High uptop the bigsmoke, the zeppelin zoo whished through the geogas. It was a baloonic ark, a sky-safari, and extrafactily, on this specicated earthspin, it was the dateplace for our man Morgan M. Morgansen and his lovebuddy, Destiny. The passionpair lovestrolled through the animalium, pawtangled. Their see-globes met flit-tweets barlocked, finbeasts tanked and primates prisonized. Destiny superlated the snuffalunks, lollified the...

While little kids pray there are no monsters beneath their bed,

Do little monsters hope there are no kids above their head?

by sinnamin ago

When I was sixteen years old, I saw the Milky Way for the first time. This is the truest thing that I have ever written and it will be almost everything I can do to commit it into black and white print for the first time.

I was six months old when I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. I am lucky, the type that I have is not the most vicious or devastating. It means that I am night blind, that my peripheral vision is slowly narrowing into a pinhole of vision, and that my depth perception is gradually flattening away to nothing.


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